Alex Makes An Impossible Choice To Protect Kara In “Suspicious Minds” On Supergirl’s Midseason Premiere

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Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

It’s been a hiatus, huh?

Last we saw Kara and company, she was blacklisted from the DEO by President Baker and Colonel Haley for refusing to divulge her civilian identity. After saving Earth-1 in “Elseworlds”, however, Kara realizes that she can still be a hero without the DEO. Of course, she’s alone as Clark had to return to Argo with the pregnant Lois for the duration of said pregnancy.

Nia, meanwhile, has come clean about her precognition along with the fact that she is an alien. Ben Lockwood has been exposed as Agent Liberty, but the support around him and his anti-alien message only grows. Manchester Black, meanwhile, has been arrested and is in prison, though J’onn still wants to save him. Lena is still experimenting with the Harun-El.

So let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Compliance: The Red Daughter trains with the military: fighting tanks, drones, heat-seeking missles, the works. The Kasnian Army asks if she can be controlled, which is being worked on. Kara and Lena take a spin class together, enjoying the time to hang out. According to Lena, she and James are still not talking to each other. Kara promises to beat up James if he upsets Lena. She fakes a cramp when she hears some epic gunfire going down. A ship is being attacked. Kara rescues one of the personnel aboard, who fell overboard. She finds a bomb in one of the boxes. One of the bodies, Macallister, is dragged off by a “shimmer”, but Kara grabs the bomb to save the life. Haley arrives on scene with Brainy and Alex. She is upset that Kara interfered, but Kara informs her that she will continue being the hero. J’onn opens his own P.I. firm and Brainy arrives to hire J’onn to be Kara’s back-up. All Kara needs to do is ask for his help. Haley is upset that Kara was dismissed without a contingency plan. She plans on finding out Kara’s identity to blackmail her into compliance by interrogating DEO members. There is one loose strand.

Secrecy: Alex assembles those who know Kara’s secret identity and asks them to keep quiet. The group makes a vow to remain silent. Haley arrives, finding their debriefing, realizes something is up. Brainy is worried about Kara out there alone. Alex shares that Kara is still her partner and shared that the Coast Guard knows nothing of the ship. The survivor has also disappeared from DEO. Alex and Kara have pizza and talk about the mystery. She also tells Kara about Haley’s mission, asking her sister to stay off of Haley’s radar. Lena goes to visit James to talk about their relationship. James apologizes to Lena about what happened and understands the position she was in, thanks to what happened with the monument. He admits he was wrong. All is well for the couple. Brainy calls Nia at work to ask her out to pizza, she thinks it’s a date. Haley interrupts him on the phone for his interrogating. Kara goes to visit J’onn at work, who kept files from his DEO tenure. Kara finds a file on “Morai”, who are invisible and have a natural cloaking ability. They get a name from it: General Tan, who was lead Project Morai and handed it to Macallister. There is also another name on the project: Haley’s. So much for staying off her radar.

Interrogation: Brainy shut down the part of his brain that knows Kara is Supergirl for the duration of his interrogation with Haley. Kara calls Alex for her help. The three of them arrive at the house of General Tan to ask about Project Morai. They found the Morai as children and raised them to be assassins. The Morai turned against them because President Baker thought it was a great idea to cut ties with alien personnel. They’re killing machines that cannot be contained. General Tan drives off with J’onn riding on the car. Kara uses her freeze breath to expose the Morai to sight. Then they hide even from Kara’s side. Alex exposes one with her gun while another gets into Tan’s car. J’onn is able to stop Tan from being run over, but it’s too late. Kara tries to reason with the Morai, who kills itself rather than go to the DEO and Haley. Alex informs Haley about Tan’s death and demands to know about the cover-up. According to Haley, she hasn’t done anything about the Morai for years. The Morai are loose. She told Haley about the Morai killing itself. Apparently, they used trauma as a means of controlling the Morai. Haley tells Alex that this is the real world. She knows that the Morai are going to come for her next and they need to prepare the DEO for an assault.

Date: Brainy tells Nia that it is a meeting. Nia thought it was a date. He awkwardly apologizes for misleading her. He asks if Nia would like to join Supergirl as a fellow hero. Brainy thought she was brilliant. He shares that he was on a villainous path once and was given a choice. He didn’t want it at first, but did choose it. He knows that Nia is a hero. Of course, he gets a text to return to the DEO. He pushes the binder of costume ideas and code names possibilities to her and asks that she thinks about it. Lena teases James about his piemaking abilities. James asks about her work and Lena tells him about her idea to give people superpowers. She needs James as the angel on her shoulder to help her determine the right course. James agrees to help her, but looks wary. Brainy has the building sealed and has a laser grid system. He has a paintball gun to hit them with to expose them. Instead of stun guns, they are using real guns on Haley’s orders. Alex is ready to resign. Kara encourages her to be the moral center. Alex is not going to let her win. Alex goes to confront Haley, who has found out Kara’s identity. No time for that, however, the Morai are here.

Hunters: Haley orders the DEO to kill with extreme prejudice. The Morai shut off the lasers, but survive the first volley of bullets. Brainy is able to tag one, but the second hits him. It then goes on a rampage. Haley goes in alone while Alex checks on her agents. The Morai gets Haley and drags her off when Kara arrives. She throws it into a containment cell, saving Haley’s life. Haley immediately informs Kara that she owns her now. She tells Kara that her life is over. Kara will be conscripted back into service. Haley threatens Kara’s friends and family if her identity is revealed. Alex then PUNCHES OUT Haley. J’onn arrives at the DEO. Alex asks him to erase her mind. He wants to protect Kara and Alex, so he agrees to do so. Haley’s memories are erased, but she brought in a “Truth Seeker” to discover Kara’s identity. There is no way to deceive the Truth Seeker. The DEO agents who know the truth agree to have their memories erased. Alex has to erase her knowledge of Kara’s Supergirl. Kara doesn’t want to lose her sister, but Alex has to. She has to fight this from within. Kara is distraught. Alex gives permission to Kara to lie to her. She wants to save her this time. Nia looks through Brainy’s book when she gets a call from her sister. J’onn erases the DEO agent’s memories. Before it happens to Alex, she reassures Kara that everything with be fine.

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