Tom Cavanagh Teases A “Seminal” Barry-Nora Moment During The Flash’s 100th Episode

Credit: The CW

The Flash hits a milestone with its hundredth episode, “What’s Past Is Prologue”.

The episode, rather fittingly, will be directed by one of the cast: Tom Cavanagh. This is an episode that if you could keep in the family, then you should. Cavanagh directed the season three episode “The Once And Future Flash” and season four’s “Elongated Journey Into Night”.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Cavanagh teased and previewed the upcoming hour which will see Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and Barry (Grant Gustin) travel through the past in order to gather specific things to defeat Cicada (Chris Klein).

Cavanagh called the episode a revisiting of the show’s “greatest hits”. (So, no DeVoe?)

He described the thought process: “[…]one of the things that we wanted to do with the 100th is that we felt like it’s a benchmark we should honor, but at the same time we didn’t just want to go back through our catalog and say, ‘Hey, look at the cool things that we’ve done over the years.’ I think the challenge for the hundred was trying to figure out a way to hit some of those touch-tones in an organic way and still make the plot immediate and inherent to what we’re doing this season.”

Since it is Barry and Nora making this journey through his past, Cavanagh wanted one of the more powerful moments to go to that father-daughter dynamic.

“It’s one of the highlights, to me, of the show. I’m not going to give away what it is, but the world is falling down around them and they have something beautiful transpire between them, and the two of them were heartbreaking in the best possible sense in this scene. If you put this up before the show comes up, when the viewers watch it, they’ll know it. I don’t know that lesser actors than Jessica Parker Kennedy and Grant Gustin could make us feel what they made us feel in that scene. I’m extremely, extremely proud of both of them.”

That isn’t to say that Iris (Candice Patton) won’t be sharing some moments with Barry as well.

“There’s a couple of very nice sequences here where it’s just the two of them; the world closes off. I spoke to you earlier about trying to take away some of the talking and showing, [and] one of my favorite sequences in this whole thing is basically you’re watching their relationship at an early point from afar, and you don’t really get to hear what they’re saying, but the body language kind of says it all.”

So WestAllen fans, prepare yourselves. You may get a bit verklempt while watching.

The Flash‘s 100th episode will air Tuesday, December 4th at 8/7c on the CW.

Bec Heim