She-Ra Showrunner Noelle Stevenson Confirms We Won’t Be Seeing He-Man In Series

Credit: Netflix

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power definitely brought its own spin to the lore that was started in the 80s with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Fans definitely loved the series. A question does come up about the rebooted She-Ra, will we see He-Man make an appearance?

According to series showrunner, Noelle Stevenson, that’s a solid no. Talking with Inverse, she explained the reasoning for keeping He-Man out of her series.

“It would be a challenge, I think, to bring He-Man to life in the present day. Even more so than She-Ra. He’s a very iconic character. It’d be a lot of fun to incorporate him into the world of She-Ra, but I don’t know what my approach would be.”

We definitely get it. You have to do the character justice and She-Ra has a ton of characters already. Plus you shouldn’t put a character in for the sake of fanservice.

“”It’s sort of a dance of figuring out how to incorporate the larger lore of Masters of the Universe without needing to visit Eternia or see these very, very iconic characters appear. Just letting it be about She-Ra’s story and her being disconnected from where she came from, from her family or Eternia.”

So we’ll just have to see where the story ends up going. Maybe Stevenson will change her mind, maybe she won’t. We definitely want a second season of the series though.

Bec Heim