Rod Serling’s Night Gallery Anthology Series Getting Update At Syfy

Credit: NBC

It’s a golden era for the anthology series, it looks like.

With Ryan Murphy essentially the king of the season long anthology and others following in its footsteps, the episodic anthologies are returning as well. Jordan Peele (Get Out) is reviving The Twilight Zone for CBS All Access.

That’s not the only anthology series that Rod Serling did. There was also Night Gallery. The series ran on NBC starting with a 2-hour movie in 1969 before running for three seasons starting in 1970. While The Twilight Zone went for (mostly) sci-fi, Night Gallery was more supernatural and horror base.

Needless to say, it should be right at home on Syfy. Jeff Davis (Teen Wolf) and David Janollari (Midnight, Texas) are developing the rebooted series, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The show aims to tell “dark morality tales for the present day”, using Serling’s taste for dramatic irony. Much like its cousin series, Black Mirror, it will also explore the dangers of social media. It won’t solely focus on that, exploring all aspects of modern life.

Currently, there is no premiere date or projected year for the series reboot.

Bec Heim

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