Part Of Once Upon A Deadpool’s Proceeds To Go To Cancer Charity

Credit: 20th Century Fox

It’s the holiday season! While we all beat each other senseless for the latest gadget, it’s also the time of year to give back.

As fans probably know, a PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2 called Once Upon A Deadpool will be released in theatres to score that sweet holiday rush. It goes the route of The Princess Bride (complete with Fred Savage), has new footage, and it’s more Deadpool. Hey, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) has to prove his marketability to his new Disney overlords after all. 

Even so, in the spirit of the season, the film is going to give back. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film will donate one dollar for every ticket sold between December 12-24 to F*ck Cancer, now Fudge Cancer. It makes sense, the titular character himself has cancer. Due to his powers, he just can’t die from it.

A new trailer for the film was also released. This time it shows Deadpool and his hostage, Fred Savage, argue over Nickelback’s relevance/if they are really that bad. They actually sing “How You Remind Me”. What can even say to that?

Check out the trailer below.

Once Upon A Deadpool hits theatres Wednesday, December 12th. 

Bec Heim