Nia’s Precognition Comes To The Forefront In The Kevin Smith-Directed “Bunker Hill” On Supergirl

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Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

This week, we’re at the (technical) midseason finale for the show. Next week will be the true midseason finale, but it’s also the crossover. This is the last purely Supergirl episode, I guess it counts as this. We honestly have no idea.

Last week, James finally realized that the Children of Liberty probably don’t want talk things out and meet him halfway. He should have probably disavowed them. They have him on tape and in costume aligning with their cause. While he was able to fight them off and free Kara, who had been kidnapped in a deal with Manchester and was about to be blown up, there are going to be repercussions. J’onn, meanwhile, has learned how far Manchester has fallen in the path to revenge. Manchester also knows Ben Lockwood’s identity, so that’ll end well.

Lena, meanwhile, bonded with her first human subject in the Harun-El trials. She shared her guilt over her mother’s death when she was four. Unfortunately, the subject, Adam, died after displaying powers for three and a half minutes.

So let’s see how things go this week, shall we?

Insomnia: Nia falls asleep on her couch where she has a dream that comes to her in patches: a fuzzy figure, a bullet, and Agent Liberty. She wakes up to her roommate watching her sleep. Kara and J’onn look through Manchester’s apartment for a clue. She assures J’onn that he shouldn’t blame himself for what happened to Manchester. Kara finds his brass knuckles so J’onn can track him. Nia, Kara, and James end up in the elevator together. Nia has like five coffees. Kara asks about the article, but James talks about Lena. Nia sees a vision of Agent Liberty which scares her. Kara goes to talk with her and offers her help. Haley interrogates the survivors from Shelley Island, who keeps saying he’s Agent Liberty. Brainy, Alex, and Kara talk about Agent Liberty. Brainy pieces together the nightmare and Nia Nal, but can’t reveal without impacting the space-time continuum. Brainy tells Kara that Nia might lead them to Agent Liberty. Alex is nervous for the one on one with the President, who is concerned about the poll numbers. Why the Hell did Marsdin run with this guy? In his shiny new convertible and front of his sign, Ben tries to put Agent Liberty aside for now with his new fame. Ben returns home to find Manchester Black having tea with his wife.

Lucidity: J’onn prepares to use his powers to track Manchester, who is intimidating the nervous Lockwood. Ben tries to usher him along, but Manchester pulls the gun on him. He promises that if Ben does anything, then his wife will die screaming. Kara goes to Nia, asking her to hear her out. Nia confesses that her family is from Naltor, who confesses that the women in family can sometimes dream the future. She can’t always piece together what she dreams. Nia saw Agent Liberty about to murder a woman, but doesn’t know who, when, or where. Kara brings in Brainy, who assures that he will help explore and interpret. He also calls her Neura(?). He leads her into her mind space. She sees the hook swinging. She sees a woman, who slows the shaking down. They bring her out of the dream. Nia knows that they need to go to the place on the woman’s sweatshirt: Collinwood. A dog barks. Someone with a Liberty mask in broad daylight looks up.

Nightmare: Lockwood continues to try to usher Manchester out. They have a little coded talk about a bayonet from Bunker Hill. Manchester unveils that Lockwood is Agent Liberty, but J’onn interrupts psychically again. He also knocks him out at the least convenient moment possible. Manchester uses his pain to center himself. Lydia, however, doesn’t quite believe it. Manchester continues on. Brainy, Nia, and Kara continue to walk but the people of Collinwood, give the major Purge vibes. Kara realizes they’re being followed by Children of Liberty. Kara figures that sooner or later they will lead them to Agent Liberty. Kara tries to talk with them, but a black van takes her. Nia tries to help and Brainy tries to stop her. Looks like they’re getting taken too. Nia, Brainy, and Kara are kidnapped. Nia gets a vision of something moments before it happens and asks. It’s enough of a distraction for Kara and Brainy to get ahead of it. Lockwood leads Lydia and Manchester to his costume. Manchester tells Lydia about what Lockwood did to Fiona. Manchester tells Lockwood to put on the costume. Kara realizes that they’re in Lockwood Family Steel. Kara calls Alex with the news. Alex goes to trick one of their suspects with the news, getting confirmation. Manchester proceeds to beat Lockwood, who tries to fight back. J’onn again tries to contact Manchester, using his powers on him. Manchester challenges J’onn to kill him, but he can’t. Lockwood uses the bayonet on Manchester, taking control of the situation. Lockwood runs out of the basement with Manchester following him.

Sides: Kara arrives and heads down into the basement of the Lockwood home. She finds the mess left by Manchester. J’onn contacts her with what he found out. Lockwood and Manchester arrive at the plant as Brainy and Nia explore. Nia, however, is not waiting for anyone and joins him. She recognizes the room they’re in as from her visions. Brainy tells her that she can stop this from happening. She tells Brainy that they need to get back outside. Manchester and Lockwood fight with Kara arriving to stop Manchester. He takes out Kara, who begs him to let her take Lockwood to prison. Manchester says that Lockwood and everyone like him will only see her as a roach. She tells her to pick a side so they can end it together. Lockwood escaped in the meantime. Lydia arrives with a gun, but Nia and Brainy stop it. Ben takes the gun, preparing to kill Manchester. Both Kara and Lydia beg Lockwood to stop, Kara tries to fly free of the Nth metal. It lifts the freaking building off its foundations, but breaks her free. Kara also saves Lydia from certain death.

Chained: Kara watches Manchester being driven away by the police. The police lead Lockwood away, who immediately tries his own form of spin. He, naturally, blames Supergirl. J’onn astral projects into Manchester’s cell. Manchester thinks part of J’onn wants him to get away and do things he wouldn’t. J’onn thinks Manchester can be saved, leaving hm to it. Kara arrives to meet with Colonel Haley, Alex, and the President. Lockwood, however, is being praised as human rights activist. The President and the DEO are demanding full transparency from her. The President tells her that it is country before identity. Kara refuses to give him her name. He dismisses her from the DEO, effective immediately. Alex tells Kara to give them some time to handle things. Nia prepares for bed. Demonstrators appear outside of the jail where Ben is being held, supporting him.

Elseworlds: On Earth-90, it’s the end of days. Heroes lay dead. The Flash of that Earth crawls to a book, but Mar Novu picks it up. He tells him that he failed. He asks what the Monitor is doing this. He opens the book, declaring all of them will perish.

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