New Bumblebee Featurette Highlights The Triple Changer Transformer Villains

Credit: Warner Bros

Bumblebee will come out in just a couple of weeks. Even though we’ve slowly lost our will to watch the main canon of the Transformers franchise, we’re pretty excited about this film.

Director Travis Knight has given us hope again. We’re hoping it’s not entirely in vain. Plus, the trailers are cute as hell and we love Bee.

During SDCC this past summer, Knight dropped a bombshell about “triple-changer” Transformers. These ‘bots can take on three forms: humanoid, an aerial mode, and a vehicle.

Angel Bassett’s Shatter can turn into both a Harrier Jet and a candy-apple-red Plymouth Satellite. Justin Theorux’s Dropkick is both a helicopter and a AMC Javelin. These versions of the Transformers were introduced in 1985.

It is utterly unsurprising by Angela Bassett is always a queen, human or robot.

A featurette for the film gives fans the lowdown on the triple-changers and why they were brought out of the toy box for this particular project.

Bumblebee will hit theatres December 21st.

Bec Heim