Marvel Drops Trailer For 2019’s War Of The Realms Event

Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics properties are heading to war in 2019. Though, honestly, how big of a surprise is that? It seems every year that it’s heading to some type of conflict.

The April 2019 event is entitled War of the Realms, which will spill over from the Thor comics. It sees the dark elf Malekith apparently redeem himself from a poor showing in Thor: The Dark World. This time Malekith will be invading Earth as the last staging ground for an epic, mythical war between the realms known to those of Asgard. Now its up to the heroes of Earth (or Midgard) to beat back Malekith from completing his goals of conquest.

A trailer for the event was released today by Marvel. It definitely promises a major epic.

Writer for the event, Jason Aaron (who also writes the Thor comics) said, “The story really begins when that war that’s been brewing for years in the pages of Thor explodes here in Midgard. And at that point, it’s bigger than just a Thor battle: everyone, everyone, becomes a part of that battle.”

Editor Will Moss promises different points of view in the lead-up and during the event as well, rather than just purely Asgardian perspective.

“Even though this story involves a lot of different moving pieces and elements from the Thor comics and the Avengers comics, it’s something that everyone can just dive into.”

Check out the trailer for War of the Realms below.

Bec Heim