Legends Of Tomorrow Recap: New Orleans Brings About Love, Killer Dolls, And A Broken Reality In “Hell No, Dolly!”

This week’s episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow gave us a lot to think about when it comes to relationships, considering the main foe of the episode was a killer doll. That sentence may not make any sense to a regular viewer but for we Legends fanatics, it’s a known fact that once you peel off the many layers behind the episode, the true meaning eventually reveals itself.

It was definitely a game-changing night for the Legends crew as reality as they know it is no more. It’s not the first time the team has broken reality but will they be able to fix it? Normally, I would say yes, but given the current circumstances, I’m not entirely sure.

Gather ’round and let us discuss “Hell No, Dolly!”

Dream Lover:  Constantine is in a bit of bind this week. He’s being plagued with memories of Desmond, the man he had a vision of a few episodes back. Charlie interrupts one of the said dreams as she is eager to have him reverse his spell on her. She’s begun to be able to shapeshift parts of herself again; he tells her no, but Charlie does tell him that he’ll cave one of these days when he needs her for something.

Big Easy Reveal Time: As for the rest of the team, the latest fugitive is revealed to them thanks to a cereal box having an incorrect fact noticed by Ava about serial killers. There’s a monster loose in New Orleans murdering wealthy blonde ladies from inside locked rooms, the MO of a killer named Mike the Spike, which wasn’t there before according to Ava. And with that, the team separates and heads to 1856 Big Easy. Unfortunately, Charlie and Zari end up losing John, who wanders off to Royal Street, where he had lived with Desmond before Des’s demise. John gets knocked out with a purple powder and finds himself being taken to Marie Laveau herself (Desmond’s great-great-grandmother), who interrogates John about his medallion, which Desmond apparently gave him months ago.

Welcome To The Doll House: Zari and Charlie end up finding John, who gets told by Marie to save Desmond. Marie also warns the team about a dead spirit which leads them to the party of the first victim of the killer. Ray ends up following a man upstairs and hears a girl crying and talking to a doll. Ray takes the doll from the girl but gets hit on the head by another doll from behind. Sara comes to his rescue but almost loses her battle with the doll. Mick luckily comes into light the doll on fire. The team takes the doll back to the lab where Gideon reports that New Orleans’ history has gone back to normal. Sara convinces Ava to stick around for dinner, but as they leave the room, the doll’s hand begins to curl its fingers (insert jaw drop here).

A Deal Is Brokered: Elsewhere,  John has come up with a plan to fix everything: Charlie is going to pose as Amaya to distract John six months ago so he never meets Desmond, falls in love, and ruins his life. As such and with that change, since he never joins the Legends, he doesn’t end up taking away Charlie’s superpower. Charlie’s in; after all, it sounds like a win-win. For now.

Plan B: Unfortunately for those two, the plan fails as John and Desmond end up meeting anyway. John and Charlie are set to go back again when Zari intervenes and has Gideon return them back to the Waverider.  Once back, John finally explains what’s going on: He fell in love with Desmond, moved in with him, then became the target of a demon named Neron, who will own Constantine’s soul when he dies. The demon used Desmond and took him to hell. John joined the Legends because, as he puts it, he was trying to “outrun my guilt.” Zari tries to stop John again but Charlie ends up distracting her long enough for John to get away. John manages to go back but this time to change the ending of his relationship with Desmond. He succeeds as when he is done breaking Desmond’s heart, his medallion starts to disappear, effectively changing the future.

Holy Consequences: The results of Constantine’s actions are immediate: Charlie gets her powers back while in the jump ship with Zari, who is now a cat. The some of the team are turned into puppets, thanks to the evil spirit having taken over the Stein puppet that was on the ship and attacking them. In 2018, even the Time Bureau is affected as Mona’s crush on one of the Time fugitive turns out badly as he tries to kill her when he was actually warming up to her before history was changed.

Check out the promo for next week’s episode below!

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