Legends of Tomorrow Recap: John, Charlie, And Kitty Zari Try To Fix Time In The Midseason Finale “Legends of To-Meow-Meow”

Legends wrapped up its first part of the fourth season this past week in the most spectacular way as it closed up some of the little storylines it had going on while setting us up for what lies ahead when it returns in April. 

After breaking reality and the timeline once again, our team of heroes and antiheroes definitely had their work cut out for them in order to fix it. Sadly though, the broken reality wasn’t caused by the team, just good ol‘ Constantine trying to fix his mistakes or run from his actions. There were some interesting consequences that resulted from Constantine’s screw up (hello Zari kitty!) but in the end, our magical Legend owed up to his mistake and got things set right again.

Gather ’round and let us discuss “Legends of To-Meow-Meow.”

Vegas Baby: The episode kicks off with Charlie and Zari’s fabulous adventure, according to Charlie anyway, as they’re heading to somewhere fabulous, which turns out to be Las Vegas in 1962. Charlie shape-shifts into Marilyn Monroe to warn her fellow magical fugitive escapee, a leprechaun, to hold back his magic and help her also stay off the Legends’ radar. Unfortunately, she’s too late: Ray, Mick, and Nate are also there and shoot the leprechaun immediately in the chest. 

O, Captain, My Captain: Charlie and Zari return to the ship and learn that the Legends have now adopted a new policy of shooting magical beings on sight, so Charlie shape-shifts into Sara and tries to talk the team into reversing the rule. The boys reveal that Sara died and that they’re on the hunt for an elusive shapeshifter. Charlie manages to run away with Zari in time to use the jump ship and head to the Time Bureau to find Constantine and figure out what’s going on.

Boy Interrupted: Once there, Charlie learns Sara was killed by the Unicorn and locates John in confinement, who is going cray cray over being able to see the original reality and this new one at the same time. John returns Zari back into her human form, and Zari explains that they have to return to New Orleans and undo whatever John did to make this happen. Charlie and John nix this idea for selfish reasons so the two transform Zari back into a cat and attempt a prison escape.

Charlie’s Devils: Mona helps the trio escape, but when the Custodians arrive, they’re forced to hide in Ava’s office. They recruit Ava into helping them make their way out so they can save Sara. John, Charlie, and Zari make it out, leaving chaos in their wake. Their first attempt to fix things works to save Sara, but Zari remains a cat, and at the Bureau, there are now memorials for the men of the Legends. Sara, Ava, and Gideon in this new reality are a pose-happy girl gang called the “Sirens of Space-Time.” Charlie tries to join in but they end up trying to kill her. Charlie escapes, but not before learning that the men perished because of the fairy godmother in Salem. And so, she, John, and Zari head to 1692 and save the men — only to discover that Zari is now a puppet

Throw Your Cares Away: Unfortunately stopping the fairy godmother backfires too. The evil witch ends up choosing Mick as her next target, and Mick turns the fairy godmother into his new partner-in-crime, and the rest of the Legends into rhyming, singing puppets.

The Definition Of Insanity: Charlie figures they’ll just have to keep fixing things until they get it right, One attempt kills off Hank and Nate; another kills off Gary. Finally, Charlie returns to the Time Bureau and sees no memorials, hopefully signaling the end of the broken timeline. John’s nose, however, begins to bleed as Zari deduces that it’s because John’s brain can’t handle all the different versions of the timeline. John agrees to go back to New Orleans to undo what he did. Charlie ditches the pair, shape-shifts into Ava, and boards the Waverider on a mission to get the Legends to New Orleans so they can stop John’s mission.

Too Many Johns: Unfortunately, because there are too many Constantines in New Orleans, the Legends, who have arrived as well, try to kill John. Charlie, though, can’t let John die on her account, so she transforms back into Amaya and tells them all to stop. At the same time, Desmond runs straight into current John, who tries to convince him to stay with him anyway. Finally, John does the only move he has left: He uses the Legends’ memory eraser and makes Desmond forget about the breakup. 

 Kiss And Makeup: On the ship, Charlie begs Sara to stop killing magical creatures, and as she speaks, she begins to realize that she’s the reason why the Legends chose not to hurt the creatures they hunt. Her shape-shifting opened the Legends’ eyes to what they were doing to their targets. The Legends still try to kill John but past John runs into Desmond and the two kiss. When they kiss, another time wave occurs, which reverses everything. 

Normal Is Relative: With everything back to normal, John winds up telling Sara the full story and owning his part in it. Charlie and Zari mend fences as do Mick and Ava. Back in 2018, however, Hank has just learned that the kaupe has escaped and reports the setback to a man he’s playing golf with, a man who looks just like Desmond. Except his eyes glow red when he smiles….duh, duh, duuuuuuhhhhh…..

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