Kara, Barry, And Oliver Fight To Save Reality Itself In “Elseworlds, Part 3” On Supergirl

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Welcome back, Arrowverse fans!

It has been a crazy couple of nights with this “Elseworlds”crossover. It looks like Arkham doctor John Deegan has broken reality for good.Now Barry and Oliver are the bad guys, Kara is missing. Also Superman is wearing his black suit, which is not a good sign.

You can read our recaps for Part One and Part Two of the crossover before reading this. Unless you watched it!

Let’s see how the insanity ends, shall we?

Hero: Deegan!Superman tracks down Oliver and Barry. Oliver recognizes Deegan right away, who is pleased with his new reality. Barry tells Deegan that they become heroes because of circumstance. Deegan declares that there is no safe harbor for them and this is his world. Oliver shoots down a tower cables, telling Deegan that he needs to choose whether to be a hero or stop them. Deegan chooses to save the children below. Barry is not enjoying being the bad guy at all, almost physically sick. Deegan returns to STAR Labs where he is surrounded by sycophantic versions of Digg and Killer Frost. There’s something in the Pipeline about “Subject One” aka Kara. Kara immediately recognizes Deegan as a fake. Deegan realizes that Kara doesn’t exist in the book and thus doesn’t exist in this world. He also realizes how much more she and Clark are then the rest of them, especially Kara. He tells her that she will never see the light of day again.When Kara tries to hit the glass, she sees this Earth’s version of Alex. She tells Kara that they only way out for Kara is in a casket. Deegan threatens to kill Earth-1 Alex if Kara doesn’t comply. Barry and Oliver go to look for this reality’s version of Cisco, so they can get the real Clark. Instead, they are met with the Monitor.

Outreach: TheMonitor is interested in Barry and Oliver’s cunning against Deegan. He tells them that, in order to save Earth-1, then they need to know their true selves.They go to this reality’s CCPD, where they intimidate like everyone. They run into this reality’s version of Gary (from Legends), who is adorable. They tell him that they’re looking for Cisco, who is “the Boss”. Kara tries to make a weak point in her cell, calling for even a version of her sister. She tries to tell Alex about Earth-38 and their sisterhood, begging for a chance to explain. Oliver and Barry approach Cisco for help, whois doing his best Brando impression. They are approached by Cisco’s muscle,Jimmy Olsen of this reality. Barry and Oliver get their asses handed to them by Jimmy and the others. Cisco tells him to kill them out in the alley. Barry is able to get his attention by mentioning Cisco’s brother, Dante. With that, Oliver tells him that they have an idea to get rid of Superman. Barry tells Cisco how he can vibe to other Earths over bank vaults.

Sisterhood: Killer Frost tells Alex to go home and try to have life. Kara listens as this alt-version of her sister talks about how she focuses on her job. Barry and Oliver are able to get to Earth-38, where they conscript Clark and Lois to help. Kara finally gets through to Alex with a childhood memory her Alex shared with her on their Earth. She talks about her sister and how much she loves her sister. She talks about how her sister is fearless, how things are not an ‘if’ but a ‘when’ for her. Kara knows that this Alex isn’t her sister, but she knows how amazing she can be. Alex asks if Kara can stop Superman, and she promises. OnEarth-38, they tell Clark and Lois want happen. Clark has encountered books like this, but it comes at a major price for whoever uses it. Alex leads Kara through the halls, but they are confronted by Deegan, who is more than ready to killAlex. Luckily, Cisco, Barry, Oliver, and Clark arrives much to Deegan’s shock.

Clash: Clark and Deegan go toe to toe. Oliver distracts Digg and Killer Frost. Barry thinksEarth-1 Alex is Earth-38 Alex, but is quickly proven wrong. Kara vouches forBarry as Alex takes them to the Fortress of Solitude. Deegan and Clark got all out against each other, with Deegan asking Clark how it feels to be the villain. Alex,Kara, and Barry are able to get to the Fortress which is the Time Vault. Clark is able to restore Barry, Kara, and Oliver back to normal. Deegan lands and threatens to break Barry’s neck. Barry tells Oliver not to kill Deegan, but be better than him. Barry thinks that this the test of the Monitor, if they can be better than the worst of them. Deegan, however, uses a Thunderclap, stopping Clark from rewriting reality. He grabs the book and flies away.

Destiny: Alex is freaking out a little bit over what happened with the book. Kara assures her that even if this feels like her reality, she will still be a badass. Alex thinks Earth-38 her is very lucky. Barry suggests aplan that involves both Kara and Barry going around opposite directions at overMach 7 to slow down time enough to get the book from Deegan’s hands. Clark, however, saw them die doing exactly that. Oliver has a last-ditch plan, going to see the Monitor. He calls out Novu, saying he’s not impressed by him. Oliver meets with Novu, asking if he is the first to confront him. He tells Novu thatBarry and Kara are the best of them all. They need to be there for the Crisis. He asks Oliver how he would keep the balance of the world. Clark arrives and tells Deegan that powers amplify who they are. He has been using them for bad, showing his true colors. Deegan declares that he hasn’t been thinking big enough. Lois arrives with Brainiac, who takes on Amazo, and J’onn who handles the civilians. Lois uses an alien hammer in order to knock the book from Deegan’s hands. Kara and Barry begin to burn up just as Lois is thrown through the air. Clark makes a grab for his love.

Favorites: Oliver arrives with time slowed down and fires an arrow. It destroys the book. Clarkis able to catch Lois, while Kara and Barry survive. Deegan is turned back to normal though his face has definitely suffered. Oliver grabs the book. Barry and Kara return with a fist bump. Brainy has defeated Amazo. At STAR Labs, they say their goodbyes and Oliver admits to liking Barry and Oliver. Kara gives a peace out from the favorite Kryptonian aka her. Clark and Kara return toEarth-38. Clark tells her that she doesn’t need the DEO to keep the world safe.She and Alex will be together on any Earth. Clark and Lois drop the news forKara, she got pregnant on Argo. They need to return to Argo for her pregnancy.It turns out Clark is planning on hanging up his cape for a while. At theFortress of Solitude, Lois and Clark have a moment together. He crushes a coal into a diamond and proposes to her! She kisses him immediately. On Earth-1,Barry and Oliver go drinking. Oliver and Barry talk about what happened with the Monitor. Barry knows he got him to change their destinies. Oliver thinks that Barry is a better man than him, but some day he may be as good as Barry.No hugs, but there is a toast. Oliver gets a call from Batwoman, who has heard Deegan made a friend in Arkham. The guy in the gold mask says “Worlds will live. Worlds will die. Nothing will ever be the same.”


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