Jon Bernthal Broke His Wrist And Was Knocked Out While Filming The Punisher’s Second Season

Credit: Marvel/Netflix

Sometimes, people get hurt on set. Actors and stunt teams have very dangerous jobs, and it can often lead to injury or worse.

Not that we want people to get injured, safety is always important in these scenes. Still, even in the most perfect conditions, things just go awry.

Jon Bernthal got a hefty dose of that while filming the second season of The Punisher. During a visit to Men’s Health, the actor detailed his injuries from the season two production. There was a lot of them.

He showed off his surgical scar on his right hand.

“That’s where I broke my hand on the first day of filming the first fight scene of the year for The Punisher 2. I kept on fighting, and on day two I tore ligaments, then on day three I dislocated it and had to get emergency surgery.”

He then shared that he was knocked unconscious during filming as well. He also kept working through the injury and the pain.
“Was it the smartest thing to keep fighting with a broken hand? Maybe not. Maybe I could have been out for a shorter time. But I look at filming a scene like that the same way I look at a boxing match. I’m not gonna be the one to say I’m gonna walk away.”
The Punisher season two hits Netflix in 2019.
Bec Heim