Join Amy And Jake On Their Honeymoon In First Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season Six Photos

Amy and Jake’s honeymoon vacation request status has officially been moved from approved to… it’s complicated?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s power couple tied the knot in a whirlwind wedding ceremony disrupted by bombs and ex-boyfriends in the season five finale – fittingly titled “Jake & Amy”. At this point in their relationship absolutely no one thinks that their marriage will be an easy or uneventful one. However, it seems that when Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns in less than five weeks (but who’s counting?!), Amy and Jake are starting off season six with trouble in paradise. Quite literally.

TVLine has released an official first look at the new season which provides us with two images of the newlyweds during their honeymoon. But if you thought they would offer any information at all about what’s to come in January, you’d be so very wrong. All the pictures give away is that both Amy and Jake have a penchant for tropical cocktails with tiny umbrellas. And who doesn’t?!

Series co-creator Dan Goor told TVLine the honeymoon “hits a snag”, but we guessed that much. It wouldn’t be Brooklyn Nine-Nine if it didn’t. Melissa Fumero commented that it “won’t be the honeymoon they think it’s going to be.” 

Are Jake and Amy going undercover as newlyweds? Is this all a ploy by the Pontiac Bandit (who has already been confirmed to return next season)? Or do we have a Truman Show situation on our hands? We can only guess.

Apart from a turbulent honeymoon Amy will be getting her very own #MeToo storyline this season, in an episode directed by co-star Stephanie Beatriz. The showrunners had considered an episode on sexual assault and misconduct earlier this year, but said that they’d only consider working on heavier subjects if they could do them justice. 

This has been achieved with a “great script’, as per director Beatriz. “I think she’s [an] underrated actress,” she said about Fumero. “I don’t think people understand the scope of her talent, and I am really thrilled I got to be witness to it on set that week. Melissa’s a star.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns with season six January 10, 2019 on Fox NBC. 

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