Jenn Tries To Save Khalil’s Life In “The Book Of Rebellion: Chapter Two: Gift Of The Magi” On Black Lightning

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Black Lightning’s back!

We’re heading into the midseason finale and things are not looking good for Jenn and Khalil. Never mind the rest of the Pierce family. Khalil has a bounty on his head and an assassin is after him in the form of Cutter by Tobias Whale. Anissa and Jefferson are trying to track Jenn down along with Gambi, who revealed his not-death to Anissa and Lynn. Anissa accused Jefferson for driving Jenn away with how overprotective they are being with her powers.

Also, we think Tobias is putting together the puzzle pieces on Black Lightning’s identity. That? It’s never good.

Let’s see what happens before the break, shall we?

Lost: Jenn and Khalil arrive in an abandoned barn, where he is weak from Cutter’s poison. Jenn has him sit down on the ground while she checks his temperature. Jenn tells Khalil to wait for her while she tries to find supplies. Lynn calls Jefferson, asking about Jenn. Jefferson tells Jenn what happened with Cutter and about Jenn escaping. Khalil’s aunt tells them she doesn’t remember anything past Cutter’s arrival. Gambi realizes that Khalil has been cut. They need to split up, but Jefferson goes with Anissa to make sure she doesn’t get into trouble. Lynn goes to see Khalil’s mother and looks around his room. She feels like she somehow failed Khalil like she did his brother. Khalil’s brother died at fifteen while in The 100. Lynn tries to comfort her and asks about the father. Meanwhile, Todd Green is passed over for a grant by a person with a rich dad and connections. Todd leaves the building with a box of his stuff. He finds a note in his car from Tobias, telling him to give him a call. Jenn goes to try to steal some medicine for Khalil, finding that her powers have grown. She shorts out the system with a touch and grabs some supplies. She slips out just as Cutter arrives.

Respite: Anissa and Jefferson arrive at the hospital Jenn was at. They walk past the room where Jenn grabbed the medicine. Realizing that Jenn was there, they contacted Gambi. Jenn arrives with the meds. Khalil is not doing good when Jenn returns, but he still puts on a brave face. Gambi grabs the CCTV footage of Jenn grabbing the meds and deletes it for Jefferson. They also get a good image of Cutter. Jefferson tries to leave without his suit and Gambi tries to stop him. Eventually, Anissa has to step in between them. They’re lucky no one saw them at all. Khalil continues to get worse. Jenn is concerned because the antibiotics should have kicked in by now. He tells Jenn how he always knew how special she was. Jenn talks about how she was taken by him at first sight. Cutter watches them just outside. At Club 100, Todd arrives to meet with Tobias. He’s waved in by Tobias to the VIP Room. He offers his condolences to Todd and some five-hundred-dollar champagne. Tobias gets real about how Todd is affected by white privilege. Tobias tells Todd that he’s here as a friend for him, to give him the good life. All Todd needs to do is say yes. He gets a call from Cutter, who promises to have Khalil in within the hour. He also wants Khalil alive or Cutter isn’t going to get paid.

Fear: Gambi gets Cutter’s name along with the theories that she’s probably telekinetic in someway. Anissa, Jefferson, and Gambi try whittling down possibilities of where Jenn is hiding. Lynn works at Gambi’s computer, looking up Khalil’s dad Kito. Gambi suggests looking at the FBI database, who has a rap sheet. Lynn wants to go talk to Kito and Gambi doesn’t try to warn her. She knows how stubborn she is. Before leaving though, Lynn does stop in Gambi’s weapon vault to arm herself. Jenn, meanwhile, tries to comfort Khalil and prays for him to live. Jenn steps aside so not to cry in front of Khalil. She hears that static electricity noise again. She ends up with Perenna in a place of her making. She finds a slick version of herself. With these parts of her brains working together, she realizes she can see people’s electrical impulses in the dark. Jenn tries to make a run for it.

Protection: Cutter enters the barn and finds Khalil. Jenn, however, electrocutes her before she can get to him. Khalil thought she left, but Jenn promises she would never leave him. Gambi, Jefferson, and Anissa are coming up empty. Jefferson tries to apologize to Gambi about earlier, who tells him they’re good. Gambi thinks that maybe they are in a building that hasn’t been registered or hidden from satellites. Jefferson continues to slide deeper into turmoil over Jenn and what happened. He can’t believe in anything right now. Jenn tries to get information out of Cutter, even hitting her. Cutter promises that Jenn will die tonight. She then threatens Cutter with one of her poison knives, asking if she carries an antidote on her. Jenn cuts Cutter with her knife. She grabs the antidote from her necklace.

Beacon: Lynn arrives to talk with Kito, hiding the big ass gun that she took from Gambi’s vault. Lynn asks Kito if he has any way to get in contact with Khalil. Kito seems to have gotten himself back together. Lynn thanks Kito for his help before returning to her car. Jefferson realizes that they need to look for the heat that Jenn is throwing off as she is a generator. They see something pretty bright up ahead, like a beacon. They take off after it. Khalil is recovering nicely from the poisoning. Jenn tells him that she loves him. He sees Cutter lying there, still. Jenn says she gave her the antidote and promises to fill Khalil in, but they need to go. Jefferson, Anissa, and Gambi arrive at the barn where Jenn and Khalil were at. Cutter is also missing from there. Jefferson looks for some residue of electrical pulses. Gambi and Anissa go to walk the perimeter. Jefferson tells Lynn that the kids got away. Lynn demands to know what happened, asking if Jenn is dead. He has to admit that he doesn’t know if Jenn is dead. Lynn starts to sob in Jenn’s room. At Club 100, Todd asks Tobias – why him? Todd declines Tobias’ offer. Tobias thinks that Todd is bluffing and wants some power. Tobias promises Todd power, depositing 100 grand in his account. Todd immediately changes his mind, saying he’s in. Jenn and Khalil drive, knowing that they can never run fast enough to get away from Tobias and her family. Khalil wants Jenn to go home, but she’s not going anywhere now. Khalil is scared she will die. Jenn tells him that they are in this together. Period. They hold hands as they drive. In a bar, a beat down is going on. The man walks through the corpses until he finds a guy, teleporting away and appearing. He kills his target. He calls Tobias, who summons him to Freeland.

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