Jenn And Khalil Go On The Run In “The Book Of Rebellion: Chapter 1: Exodus” On Black Lightning

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Black Lightning’s back!

Last week, we closed the book on “The Book Of Blood” and Looker. While she’s now in the tender mercies of the ASA, it doesn’t mean things have gotten better for the Pierce family. With Anissa, Jefferson, and Lynn handling everything in South Freeland, Jenn tries to protect Khalil from Tobias. It ends with her revealing her powers to him. In an attempt to break free of Freeland, so to speak, the two teens have decided to run away.

Also, Jefferson knows Gambi is alive. So there’s that good news.

Let’s see how this book goes, shall we?

A Stop: Khalil and Jenn make a stop so he can get money before they go on the run. He plans to rob a drug house of The 100. They tell him that there is a huge bounty on Khalil’s head, but he makes some pretty quick work of everyone. It’s honestly one of the more impressive fights he’s had. Jenn hears the gunshots and goes to see what’s happening. Seeing a sniper, she uses her powers to help Khalil. She blinds everyone with her powers, giving Khalil enough time to escape. They speed off in the car. Lynn, Anissa, and Jefferson go to see Gambi, who apologizes for what happened. Anissa is pissed, but Jefferson wants to focus on finding Jenn. Anissa reveals that Jenn has been talking with Khalil and is probably with him. Jefferson freaks out, telling Lynn to call Henderson and Anissa to call Jenn’s friends. Henderson promises Lynn that he will do everything to find Jenn, but the Green Light Babies are taking up a lot of his time. They go to file a missing person’s report for Jenn. Jefferson goes to patrol the streets, lost in the memories of his missing daughter. Jefferson sees a guy with dreads and thinks it’s Khalil. He wrecks the guy’s car before realizing his mistake.

On The Run: Jenn is already regretting off with Khalil after the shootout. She’s not thrilled that she had to use her powers in public. It definitely shows how poorly Jenn and Khalil thought this out. They decide on going to Khalil aunt’s house, boosting a car in the process. Jenn accidentally overpowers the hotwiring job. She wants to call her parents. When Jenn pushes it, it looks like Khalil is going to hit her. This is rapidly becoming a bad decision. Gambi gets the footage from The 100 shootout. Henderson gets news of a body matching Jenn’s description, but it’s not Jenn. Khalil’s mom returns home to find Tobias waiting for her, telling her that he has strict “no mama” rule when it comes to killing. He reveals Khalil ran off with Jenn. He wants Khalil to keep quiet about his business. She says he would have to kill her first. Tobias leaves her alive. Guess he does have that one rule. Khalil begs his auntie for sanctuary with Jenn assuring she hasn’t been kidnapped and is totally fine. Khalil apologizes for almost hitting her, telling her something came over him. Jenn promises she will light his ass up if he does any of that bull again. He gives Jenn a burner phone he grabbed. Jefferson and Anissa arrive at Club 100 to ask some questions. After some light intimidation, one of the 100 spills everything. Anissa gets a call from Jenn, but Gambi cannot trace the call.

Trace: The only thing Gambi can get from Jenn’s call is the nearest cell tower. He tries to send Anissa home to get some rest, but Anissa needs to confront what happened. She’s kind of done with his lies though. Gambi points out that they keep things from the people they love in order to protect them, like Anissa and her Robin Hood activities. She tells him to keep looking because they need Jenn. Anissa also calls him “Uncle Gambi” and thanks him for helping out in the woods. Lynn is drinking and crying, trying to reach Jenn on her phone. She starts going through Jenn’s room to find something, anything, to point her to her missing daughter. Jefferson has to drag his sobbing wife away from the closet, who sobs against him. Jenn cuts Khalil’s dreads, needing a quick disguise. He apologizes again for everything that happened that led them to this. He just wants to be with Jenn. When she goes to shave his head, she finds a weird lump. Tobias tries to figure out his next move now that Khalil runs off with the painting of his dead sister, Tori. He declares that he’s going to be adaptable from now on rather than get stubborn about things. Jefferson checks in on Lynn, who is sleeping, before going to Jenn’s room with Anissa. Jefferson thinks Anissa should have told them, but she thinks he’s blaming her for what happened. Anissa points out that Jefferson and Lynn got too much for Jenn. That they drove both of their daughters away, especially Jefferson.

Visit: Khalil’s mother comes to see Lynn and Jefferson, who is so apologetic over what happened. She wants to help, not wanting the Pierce’s to suffer. She tells them about where her sister lives. Jefferson gets the new info from Lynn. Rather than getting the van, Gambi gives Anissa a new ride. A woman comes to meet with Tobias, who offers her condolences for Tori. He gives her Khalil’s coordinates and wants her to handle the dirty business. She agrees to take the job. Khalil and Jenn pack up food and supplies, preparing to run. The woman shows up to handle the job. She whips out a knife and engages Khalil in combat. Jenn makes a run Khalil’s aunt to check on her. She drags her to safety in a back room. Jefferson and Anissa arrives before she can deliver the final blow to Khalil. She engages them instead as Jenn frees him and takes him to safety.

Escape: Jenn and Khalil make a break during the fighting. Gambi and the assassin are tracking them as they make their bid. She destroys the drone with her power. Jefferson and Anissa leave the house. Gambi tells them that he’s got nothing for the moment. (Is Khalil’s aunt okay?) Jenn realizes that the lump on the back of Khalil’s head is a tracker. She realizes that her powers are causing the tracker to surge. Jenn wants to cut out the tracker. He wants her to short it out with her powers. Jenn goes to test it out, but Khalil balks a little. Still, he wants this option and tells her that she can do it. He reaffirms how he feels about and the distraction is enough to destroy the tracker. Jefferson and Anissa can’t find Jenn and Khalil. In a clearing, Jefferson hears something and calls for his daughter. It turns out there he just missed them, hiding under some leaves. The assassin calls Tobias to tell him the news, who ponders over everything. It looks like someone is putting the pieces together.

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