Holmes And Watson Is So Bad That The Audiences Are Walking Out

Credit: Columbia Pictures

2018 is definitely ending with a bang in film. From the gorgeously animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse to a good Transformers movie with Bumblebee, we’re closing strong.

We also have what is being called the worst movie of the year as well with Holmes & Watson. This comedy stars Will Ferrell as Sherlock Holmes and John C. Reilly as Doctor John Watson from Etan Cohen (Get Hard). It is also, apparently, horrible.

It’s so bad that it opened with a rare score of 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. (Since then, however, two critics have given the film good reviews raising it slightly.)

This movie is so bad that people aren’t even staying to see how bad it is. People are walking out of the film mid-movie because even staring at a blank wall is probably better than sitting through this film. It’s so bad that when Sony tried to foist it off on Netflix after poor test screenings, Netflix said “Nah, bro”.

Netflix said this. As much as we love Netflix, they have greenlit some pretty bad films. Do we have to mention some of those movies Adam Sandler made for them?

Do we?

Of course, given how badly it’s being received, I wouldn’t be surprised if its what gets people to go see it. Sometimes, we’re just sick like that. I have to admin to being a little curious myself. Honestly though, I’ll probably watch another episode of Elementary instead.

Holmes & Watson is currently in theatres.

Bec Heim