Doctor Who Recap: Cabin Fever Takes On A Whole New Meaning In “It Takes You Away”

Based on the title alone, one would think that scary times lie ahead with The Doctor and her friends with this episode. Instead, Doctor Who has decided to go straight for our heartstrings with this week’s episode, continuing its season-long attack on our feels because we clearly haven’t cried enough just yet. The show takes on the topic of grief during the episode, which takes some very unexpected turns as the group finds themselves portal jumping.

During the penultimate episode, Doctor Who still manages to surprise us as it offers up a compelling look of dealing with grief and understanding survivor’s guilt.

Gather ’round and let us discuss “It Takes You Away.”

Cabin Fever: The Doctor and her friends start off by arriving in Norway, landing near a cabin. After meeting its sole occupant, blind teen Hanne, they learn that she and her father Erik moved into the cabin following the death of her mother Trine. Hanne also shares with the group that her father went missing four days ago. Hanne fears going out to search for him due to a creature she hears every day.

Through The Looking Glass: Upstairs, they discover a bedroom mirror with no reflections that the Doctor reveals to be a portal. She, Graham and Yasmin enter it, while Ryan remains behind with Hanne. Shortly after their departure, Hanne knocks him out and follows them, forcing Ryan to do the same. Through the portal, the Doctor and the others find themselves in the Anti-Zone, a buffer-space between universes to prevent catastrophic damage.

Down Another Rabbit Hole: Within this universe, the Doctor encounters Ribbons of the Seven Stomachs, who offers his help for her screwdriver, but is eaten by Flesh Moths when he makes a grab for it. The others quickly escape them by entering another portal. They find themselves arriving in a cabin within a parallel universe, and encounter Erik talking with Trine, despite knowing she is dead. During this time, Graham encounters Grace, despite the circumstances of her death, and both he and Erik experience a difficult conversation about their loss.

Trading Spaces: The Doctor quickly finds that the sentient universe is incompatible and exiled from the real one, therefore is seeking companionship and has now cut them off from their universe. When Hanne arrives and recognizes Trine is not real, the Doctor convinces the Solitract to let them go, knowing their presence threatens to collapse it.

Moving On With Grace: When Erik refuses to leave, the Doctor offers to take his place and give the Solitract her broad experience from traveling the universe. Erik is ejected in agreement, leaving the Doctor in a white space along with a talking frog, a form the Solitract finds delightful. Despite being fascinated with interacting with it, she explains she can’t stay and urges the Solitract to remain interesting. She then makes her way back through the Anti-Zone before the portal to the universe collapses. In the aftermath of their adventure, Erik decides to return to Oslo with Hanne, while Ryan takes interest in Graham’s conversation with Grace and bonds with him.

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