Chris Pratt Shares How Pixar’s Newest Film Onward Is Gonna Make Us Cry Y’All

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Ever since the beginning of Pixar’s brand in 1994, the film giant has created stories that tug at audiences’ heartstrings. It’s what makes Pixar so universally loved. That, and of course, the excellent animation and story structure that creates flawless plots that appeal to adults and children alike. Their universal stories about life, morals, and whimsy are the perfect salve for this crazy, mixed up world. 

The next film in the Pixar repertoire is a movie called Onward. It is an urban fantasy story about two elf brothers who go on a journey to find out if there is still magic in the world. 4YE reported the news when it broke yesterday so you can read more about it at the link. It sounds like an interesting film. Anything with unicorns (that are like rodents, apparently?), elves, trolls, and other mythical creatures in the midst of technology and minivans with no humans is a sell for me. 

One thing is for certain, according to star Chris Pratt–the possible fellow elven brother alongside Tom Holland–Onward is going to make us all cry. I’m not prepared. Almost every Pixar film makes me cry. Looking at you Toy Story 3 and Up

When the announcement went out on Twitter, Pratt quoted Pixar’s tweet and said: “So thrilled to be part of this. I can’t tell you much, but… I will tell you this, when we visited Pixar to hear the pitch I straight up cried. This one is next level. God willing, in about a year and a half you’ll be moved as well. We have a BEAUTIFUL story coming your way.”

As reported previously, Onward will be Pixar’s first wholly original film since 2018’s Coco. The film will be directed by Monster’s University directors Dan Scanlon and and Kori Rae. 

Now, the ultimate question is: will Pratt be attempting a British accent or will Holland be adopting his Spider-Man accent? 

Onward is slated for release in March 2020. 

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