China Anne McClain Dons Lightning Costume In New Black Lightning Poster

Credit: The CW

A large part of Black Lightning‘s second season sees Jennifer Pierce (China Anne McClain) adjust to her growing powers best she can. Possibly the most powerful meta in the show, Jenn’s journey to grapple with powers she doesn’t want has definitely been fascinating to watch.

While Anissa (Nafessa Williams) has been Thunder since season one, fans have been waiting to see when Jenn would suit up as her heroic alter ego: Lightning.

It looks like that we don’t have to wait that long. We’ve got our first look at her in her costume. It also looks like she’ll be sporting a new haircut when the time comes as well.

Rocking short hair and a yellow costume similar to her sister’s, Jenn looks badass. McClain is totally rocking everything about the newest hero in the Pierce family.

Honestly though, the favorite part for us is the mask. We dig the goggles that Jefferson (Cress Williams) and Anissa wear, but Jenn’s mask is just cool.

Credit: Quantrell Colbert/The CW

Black Lightning will return Monday, January 21st at 9/8c on the CW.

Bec Heim