Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Confirms Release Date And Drops First Trailer

Credit: Netflix

Black Mirror‘s fifth season may be a ways off. (We still don’t even have a release date.) What we do have, however, is the first film of the franchise, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. That one is coming up much more quickly.

Friday, to be exact. As in December 28th. As in tomorrow.

The trailer for the mystery project from Charlie Brooker and Netflix dropped today. Rather than take place in a not-too-distant future or a suspiciously similar present, Bandersnatch is taking us back to to the past. We’re going full on 1980s, people.

The streaming service has released the synopsis for the project, which promises the same mind-bending turns that Black Mirror always takes.

“In 1984, a young programmer begins to question reality as he adapts a sprawling fantasy novel into a video game and soon faces a mind-mangling challenge. Welcome back.”

Oh boy.

People believes that Bandersnatch will possibly function as the “choose your own adventure” style story for the franchise. “Change your mind… Change your life… Change your past… Your present… Your future,” as the trailer hints.

Of course, we’ll have no confirmation until we see the film in action.

Fionn Whitehead (Dunkirk) will star with Will Poulter (The Maze Runner) and Asim Chaudhry (People Just Do Nothing). Black Mirror director (“Metalhead”), David Slade returns for the film.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch premieres Friday, December 28th on Netflix.

Bec Heim