Bitsie Tulloch On Possibility Of Arrowverse Spin-Off Focusing On Lois And Clark

Credit: The CW

“Elseworlds” is pretty much the best Arrowverse crossover ever. During the first hour on The Flash, we got see the Arrowverse’s Lois Lane (Elizabeth “Bitsie” Tulloch) in action. We already love her, so much. Plus, she and Tyler Hoechlin, who plays Clark Kent, have amazing chemistry. 

We definitely hope to see more of Tulloch in the role following the crossover. I mean, c’mon Supergirl, if you can’t use Clark, then use Lois! We would love to see her and Kara team up on an episode. Better yet, as many fans have been demanding, why not have a spin-off focusing on the characters?

Tulloch, apparently, is down for it, according to an interview with TVLine.

“Potentially, and it was something I sort of talked to one of the producers about. I think it’ll depend on how [“Elseworlds”] is reviewed and a bunch of other external factors that nobody has really that much control over. I know Tyler and I would love to come back and work more together. We fortunately had great chemistry, which is not always a given.”

Given the reaction we’ve been seeing online, plus our own reactions here at 4YE. We would love to see it to happen.

“Elseworlds” concludes on December 11th at 8/7c. 

Bec Heim

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