Barry And Oliver Find Themselves Swapped In “Elseworlds, Part One” On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome, my fellow Arrowverse fans!

We have arrived at the long-awaited crossover between Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow. It’s time for “Elseworlds”. Ahhh! I’m so excited.

Alright quick background on what went down in the fall finales for the three shows mentioned above. Kara has been asked to reveal her identity to the world or to stop working with the U.S. government. Oliver has been freed from prison and has taken up his work as Green Arrow. His relationship with Felicity is a little rocky. Barry’s actually in a good place for once. Although Cicada, the metahuman targeting serial killer, has gotten away,, Barry Allen’s life actually seems pretty stable.

Of course, they don’t know about the Monitor and his reality changing book of secrets that destroyed Earth-90, where John Wesley Shipp’s version of Barry Allen lives.

Let’s get started, shall we?  

The Monitor: As we saw last week, Barry Allen of Earth-90 crawls toward a magic book. He is stopped by Mar-Novu, the Monitor, who tells him that they did this to themselves. He opens the book. Barry makes a run for it. On Earth-1, John Deegan gives a lecture on psychiatry and eugenics in order to become super. A woman disparages his theories, and everyone leaves. The Monitor approaches him, saying he needs his help. He tells him to reshape the world as he sees fit. It’s time to show the world what a real god can do. The book, apparently, holds the key to his transformation. He must use it as he sees fit.

Switcheroo: Oliver wakes up as Barry Allen to find Iris making him breakfast and kissing him. Oliver immediately knows something is up and tries to press Iris about it. When Iris shows nothing is wrong, Oliver tries to play along. He does it really badly. There’s a break-in and Iris promises to meet him. Oliver realizes he has Barry’s powers. Iris tosses him the Flash suit ring. He stares at himself in the costume. Oliver tries to handle it himself as the Green Arrow as the Flash. It doesn’t go well. He enters Flashtime and is able to stop them with a bolt of lightning. Caitlin gives Oliver a once over and says that “Barry” is fine. He leaves saying he needs to think. They try to follow him for a Deep Hallway Talk. Oliver goes to see Barry, who wakes up in Oliver’s life. He catches on a lot quicker as he easily pins Digg to the mat. His reaction is “holy crap”. Barry tries to go call STAR Labs, but Digg conscripts him to come to the Glades to fight a group of the Bertenelli’s. He’s able to use Oliver’s training to stop things. Last moment, Oliver shows up to save him and Digg. Together, they decide to go to STAR Labs. No one is really believing that this switch happen. Barry tells Oliver to get Iris on board. He goes to talk to Iris, who tells him how much Felicity was hurting after Oliver went to Slabside. Oliver begs Iris to at least consider things, that it may not be right. Iris says that they’re going to investigate, but knocks both Oliver out with nanites while Ralph coldcocks Barry.

Pipeline: Barry and Oliver wake up in the Pipeline. Barry says that they need to convince everyone that they’re not crazy. Barry realizes that it’s probably just Earth-1 that’s affected, not Earth-38. It turns out that when Cisco tries to get in touch with ARGUS, he’s getting interference. A strange red light is affecting the city. Cisco goes into a vibe where he sees the Monitor. Oliver walks Barry through dislocating his joints and freeing his hand. They fry the dampeners. Oliver has to be walked through phasing. The two of them make a move for the extrapolator, but Iris has it. Barry, doing what he should have done, shares a memory that they only would know. Iris believes him and gives them the extrapolator.

Earth-38: In Smallville, Clark and Lois are talking about a story Lois wants to pursue, her time on Argo. Kara agrees with her on wanting to write her story. Lois leaves him to go play with his cousin. Kara and Clark talk about what happened with President Baker. Kara feels bad for leaving Alex to handle things. Clark feels bad for leaving Kara to defend Earth. He loved having that chance to be with Lois and experience things. Clark needs to talk with Kara about something when Barry and Oliver appear. She introduces them to Clark. Barry and Oliver share what happened to them. On Earth-1, a strange robot escapes, taking on the powers of everyone there.

Power: Barry and Oliver try to get used to each other’s powers. They’re both feeling the strain, especially Oliver. Oliver tries to get Barry to attack him, but Barry refuses to rise to the bait. He even takes Oliver out without a scratch. On Earth-1, the team tries to figure out what’s going on with the meta-hunting robot known as Amazo. Iris tells them what happened. Amazo is attacking. On Earth-38, Barry and Oliver talk about their feelings; Oliver about how he needs his darkness to be the Green Arrow and Barry about how he needs joy to be The Flash. They both realize that they need to tap into those emotions. Kara, listening inside, is happy that they both finally got it. There is nice joking amongst them after. Cisco arrives at the farm to apologize and get their help. Kara asks Clark if he wants to come and stop Amazo with them. Clark agrees.

Amazo: Kara, Barry, Oliver, and Clark arrive on Earth-1 for a blitz attack on Amazo. They try to move too fast for Amazo to replicate their abilities with a final move from Clark. It doesn’t keep him down, unfortunately. He’s replicated all of their abilities. Barry comes up with a plan to get Amazo down. He has Oliver lead him back to them. Amazo cannot run and phase at the same time. Caitlin and Cisco were able to make a virus. Oliver leads Amazo back to the hall where Barry fires the virus at Amazo with the trademark line. Of course, now Iris probably doesn’t believe him because Barry had to tap into his darkness. At STAR Labs, everyone celebrates the defeat of Amazo. Clark heads back to Earth-38 with a check for Sherloque’s ex-wife. Barry goes to talk with Iris, who wants him to promise not to turn into Oliver Queen for real. She wants him to come back to her as the man she loves. Iris tells him he’s the Green Arrow, but not to be Oliver Queen. Cisco tells everyone about the vibe he got. Oliver says that they need to see the vibe, so he takes them in. The Monitor warns them that they cannot stop what has been set into motion and nothing can stop them. Oliver draws the picture, showing Wayne Enterprises in the background. Time to go to Gotham, where Batwoman is hanging out on a tower.

Bec Heim