Barry And Nora Relive The Greatest Hits In “What’s Past Is Prologue” On The Flash’s 100th Episode

Credit: The CW

Hey, Flash fans!

Congratulations, The Flash! You hit that hundred-episode marker. What a hundred episodes this show has been. We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the crazy over the years. Tonight, it looks like we’re going to relive it all.

Last week, Nora dealt with her long-gestating anger over Barry’s disappearance during the Crisis and most of her life. She understands just why her father decided to be a hero and why he sacrificed himself. We also learned about Orlin Dwyer and how his niece, Grace, came to be in his care. Also where his hatred for metahumans came from. At the end of the episode, Team Flash got confirmation on Orlin’s identity when they saw him visit Grace for Thanksgiving.

Let’s dive into the episode, shall we?

Surveillance: Ralph and Sherloque (sporting a stupid beard) are following Orlin Dwyer. At STAR Labs, they give the rundown on Orlin that we learned about last week. He’s been visiting Grace near constantly for the last three weeks. He’s probably there now. Barry wants to take him down now, but they need something nullify it. Nora suggests making a more powerful magnet to attract Cicada’s dagger. She thinks that everything is in the past: Savitar’s suit, Zoom’s speed stealing transmitter, and the particle accelerator energy. Nora thinks they can also hide the dampener somewhere near the hospital. Sherloque compliments Nora on her plan, but Barry wants to handle it alone. Sherloque stares Nora’s journal. Nora begs Barry to let her come with him. She wants to fix what she screwed up, but Barry remains firm. Iris, however, thinks Nora should see it through. Cisco, Ralph, and Caitlin try to figure out the best times to send Barry back. When Caitlin and Ralph clear out, Sherloque presents Cisco with Nora’s journal that is written in the code that Barry used a year ago. Cisco tells Sherloque to return and ask Nora, but he decides to decode things. Barry relents and lets Nora come with him. He tells Nora to not go off book and follow his lead if they do.

2017: Barry and Nora land during the final fight against Savitar. Of course, there are Time Wraiths running around. Not that they realize it yet. Barry and Savitar duke it out while Barry and Nora wait. Nora sees Savitar’s the evil version of her father. Barry goes to distract the Time Wraith, telling Nora to get the shard. She witnesses Iris shoot Savitar before he disappears. She goes to meet up with Barry and into the portal. They have to outrun the Time Wraith. Nora tries to ask about Savitar, but they see Zoom run past.

2016: Barry is nearly killed by Zoom. Cisco calls for Caitlin saying they need to get her back. Barry goes to get the transmitter that they need. Nora moves though when hearing Barry and Iris talk. Iris comforting Barry over the loss of his speed. Barry continues looking for the transmitter where he’s found by Harry. Harry thinks he’s present Barry, and he plays along. He’s about to break the transmitter when Barry suggests that Harry track the frequency. Before he and Nora can leave, Zoom reappears telling Barry he’s not going anywhere. Barry tries to send Zoom away, but he recognizes Nora as another speedster. He tries to catch them, almost does before a Time Wraith stops him.

2014: Barry and Nora are ejected in 2014, where the transmitter breaks. Nora suggests going to see Thawne, but Barry tells her what a bad idea it is. It turns out they end up on the day when Barry went to get Thawne’s help three years before. It’s…tense to say the least. He also calls Nora, Dawn. In exchange for him fixing the transmitter, he goes back to his time. As Thawne fixes the transmitter, he talks about how a version of Barry becomes Savitar. He also admires the cleverness of using Savitar’s suit and compliments Nora. She tries to talk with Barry after Thawne leaves, but Barry wants to hit the next point in the timeline: the night it all begin.

The Night: Barry and Nora sneak into STAR Labs while Thawne gives his speech. This is the Big Moment, so they can’t disturb anything. No speed. No anything. Thawne is about touch the button, but feels Nora and Barry. Cisco interrupts him before he goes into the Time Room. He tells Caitlin to have Ronnie run over the numbers one more time. Thawne tells Cisco he had a good vibe about him and who he is destined to become. Cisco thanks him and they have an awkward moment. In the Time Room, Barry preps everything for the dark matter infusion with Gideon. Nora’s about touch Thawne’s suit, when Barry stops her. Barry tells her what happened to his mother and Thawne. Nora realizes Barry didn’t want her along because he didn’t want her to see the awful things that happened. He’s his daughter though and he feels like he should protect her. Nora cries and tells him that she just wants to know her father. The particle accelerator explodes. They are able to get the dark matter. It turns out Cicada’s doctor was Barry’s doctor once. Barry and Nora hide the device in pillar at the hospital before heading back. They return back to the present. Now it’s time to get Cicada.

Confrontation: Barry looks over the city with the team in the van. Orlin sees a flash outside of the window and leaves what looks like a paper crane made from a gum wrapper. He sees Barry waiting outside for him, suiting up as Cicada. Barry tries to reason with him, offering his understanding. He tells Barry that after he’s going to join him. He throws his weapon at Ralph, but it goes to the transmitter. Barry is charged enough to attack him. Cisco throws it into the breech. Nora declares that they stopped him, but Cicada says they stopped nothing. He then proceeds to summon the dagger from space. It knocks them all back. Dammit. Sherloque and Caitlin try to attack. It turns out Killer Frost can hurt the guy. Damn, KF, get down with yourself. Then Cicada flies away.

Time: The team realizes that Killer Frost didn’t come from dark matter so she’s immune from the dagger’s effects. Nora realizes that her journal is gone and goes to see Sherloque. He then proceeds to question her about the journal’s contents. She tells him it’s a time language, so she can remember what happened. Nora says she created it. Sherloque gives it back and doesn’t press further. He then goes to look through the translation, which begins with “The Timeline Is Malleable”. Nora walks past the open time room, looks at where Thawne’s suit was, and checks out a picture of grandparents. She goes back for a glimpse of the happy Allen’s. Barry followed her, knowing she’s curious. Nora tries to apologize, but Barry assures her he gets it. She thanks Barry for letting her come along. Nora takes a running start, calling Barry old man, and he chases after her. In the Time Room, Nora approaches Gideon to add another data entry from her journal. She sends it to the “same recipient”. She tells Gideon wil deliver a message herself. In 2049, Nora arrives at Iron Heights where she…meets Thawne?! WHAT?!

And then there’s the fun Earth-90 tag for “Elseworlds”.

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