4YE’s TV Reels Feels For November 25th To December 1st

This week, we went on a wild ride with most of our shows and took notice of some new players with their performances. 

Some of our favorite shows brought on some fantastic guest starts who wowed us even more than the major players.

Check out our picks for last week’s TV Reels Feels!

Top Performer

Bec: Chris Klein on The Flash was definitely the MVP of the episode. The journey for Orlin from not wanting a child to promising her the world was quite believable, especially how his pain turned into anger as well. It’s been years since we had such a good Big Bad on the show. It was definitely about time.

Stephanie: Alan Cumming as King James on Doctor Who was so much more than we ever could’ve asked from a guest star playing a historical figure. He was foppish and flamboyant in exactly the right ways. Not once did he ever make me believe this wasn’t exactly how the real King James behaved. In an episode full of mud zombies, drowning innocent people, and a hundred other horrible things, Cumming added much needed humor.

Emmy: Nick Zano had his moment to shine on this week’s episode of Legends. Nate pretty much has been in the background so far this season but took the lead with this week’s episode, allowing Zano to show of his comedic chops and wonderful chemistry with the cast. 

Top Episode

Bec: Midnight, Texas is always a bit insane in the best way. I have to admit that “Drown the Sadness in Chardonnay” was a pretty emotionally affecting episode. From Lem turning himself human to give Olivia a family to Fiji learning that she is a dark witch to Manfred investigation into the resort, it was all rooted in the characters building to these moments. The episode is insane, but perfect.

Stephanie: Doctor Who’s “The Witchfinders” wasn’t my favorite episode but it was something a little different from what I’ve come to expect from season 11. For once, humans were not the ultimate evil and the villains did actually face real consequences for killing and harming others. There was also a touch of true horror, which only happens rarely on “family friendly” Doctor Who, when Becka Savage turned in a Morax right before our eyes. Will I rewatch this episode in a hurry? No, but it shook things up a bit, which was appreciated.

Emmy: Charmed continues to exceed my expectations with every episode but “Out of Scythe” blew my mind for sure this week with that jaw dropping plot twist of a reveal. Just when you think you’ve figured who is bad and who is good on this show, you find yourself being completely wrong, which is wonderful. The show is definitely making the point of keeping you on your toes and taking full advantage of how well the cast plays off one another. 

Top Moment

Bec: Sara surprising Ava and naked John Constantine on Legends of Tomorrow. Both were just amazing. Sara showing up in lingerie for Ava’s birthday and having to use her assassin skills to evade the boss? Perfect. John Constantine doing naked yoga, please? Yes.

Stephanie: The Doctor Who team has had to find a very precarious balance this season. They couldn’t not address the reality that a female time traveling alien would definitely be treated differently, particularly in historical settings, than a male one. But I respect that they don’t want to beat us over the head with this reality either. Which is why it was nice for the Doctor to vent her frustration in “The Witchfinders” that she was hampered at every turn by her gender. “Honestly, if I was still a bloke I could get on with the job and not waste time defending myself!”

Emmy: Harry having a hangover and literally drinking the hair of a dog to cure on Charmed it is a moment I shall never forget. Rupert Evans continues to delight me in everything he does on this show.

Most Disappointing

Bec: Supergirl seriously needs to figure out what to do with James Olsen because I don’t even think the show knows anymore. The entire storyline with James wanting to give the Children of Liberty a chance is…it’s just stupid. It goes against his common sense and what we know of the character. I hated that storyline and am glad that is done.

Stephanie: As much as I’m loving all three companions on Doctor Who, it constantly feels like one of them doesn’t really have anything to do. Once again, it was Yaz in that role. She had a nice conversation with Willa but otherwise sort of just tags along. If this trio is going to stick around, the writers have to find a better way to include them all in the episodes.

Emmy: Speaking of characters that really don’t have anything to do on shows, I really hate Mona on Legends. She doesn’t really seem to have a purpose and really just grates my nerves. Her scenes just make me wish that they would just get rid of her so we can focus more on the team.

Top Quote

Hank: I’m not the one who got sucker-punched by a girl.
Sarah: [amused] Have you ever been hit by a woman, Hank?
Hank: [suddenly worried] …no, ma’am. –Legends Of Tomorrow

Stephanie: “These are hard times for women. If we’re not being drowned, we’re being patronized to death.” – The Doctor, Doctor Who

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