4YE TV Reel Feels For December 2nd To December 8th

Last week saw an amazing performance on The Good Place, The Flash hitting a milestone episode, and Matt . Ryan breaking all our hearts. Meanwhile, we’re a little concerned about the frog over on Doctor Who and just whatever is going in Riverdale.


Bec: Matt Ryan has consistently killed it this season as John Constantine. Nothing quite reaches the heights he achieved on Legends Of Tomorrow’s “Hell No, Dolly”. His performance was heartbreaking, frantic, lovely, and cheeky. It captured what I love about Ryan’s version of the character and some of the most heartbreaking parts of the source material.

Stephanie: D’Arcy Carden deserves an award for playing six different versions of Janet in one episode on The Good Place. “Janet(s)” is proof of what we’ve known all along: Carden is phenomenal. She brings nuance and style to a character that could’ve been plain and monotone. She did such a good job channeling the personalities of her castmates that I legitimately forgot, at times, that it was all her doing the acting and thought the show had someone put Kristen Bell’s Eleanor in the body of a Janet. Superb work, D’Arcy Carden!


Bec: The Flash wins my vote for “What’s Past Is Prologue”. Not only does it succeed as a midseason finale. It also wins as a 100th episode. There were a lot of nice nods to the past throughout the hour. It definitely gave it a sense of history for the past five seasons. It also, however, moved the plot forward for its current season with both Cicada and the revelation that Thawne may be manipulating Nora in the future.

Stephanie: The Good Place absolutely earned its place here for “Janet(s)”. I’ve already highlighted D’Arcy Carden’s performance but there’s even more to love in this episode. Chidi trying very hard to avoid expressing his feelings for Eleanor by giving a philosophy lesson. The revelation that no one has made it into the Good Place in over 500 years! Plus, Michael finally realized he’s the hero of their story. He steps up and finally, after three seasons, gets them into the Good Place for real.


Bec: There is just something so cool about seeing The Doctor get to feel what her companions feel when meeting with Solitract, who offers her a chance to stay. You can just see how tempted she is by this impossibly old universe that only wants companionship. She’s been there, but only one side. Now she gets to experience it from the other as well.

Stephanie: Chidi saved Eleanor, their friends, and possibly everything else by finally owning up to his feelings for her and saying them out loud in the sweetest and most Chidi way possible. As Eleanor (as Janet) flips from one person to another, unsure of who she truly is, Chidi (as Janet) reminds her that she’s brave, strong, has a very low tolerance for men who wear sandals, and that she saved his life. Then he grabbed her just in time and finally kissed her and it was so incredibly sweet I teared up a little.


Bec: Riverdale, are you okay? Because how the hell is Hiram Lodge just so goddamn powerful? Why has no one called CNN? I just, this whole season has gone off the rails. I keep watching for things to either make sense or to see Hiram Lodge die under the weight of his own smugness.

Stephanie: What was up with the frog on Doctor Who? I am convinced that, originally, someone interesting and cool from the Doctor’s past was going to show up in the Solitract world and tempt her to stay. It could’ve been a past companion or the Master or a relative or even a past version of herself. But no. It was a talking frog.


Bec:  President Baker: “The United States does not want a war with Supergirl.”
Kara: “Then I trust you won’t start one” – Supergirl (own him, Kara!)

Stephanie: Yaz: “For all we know, he took Erik, and now you want us to follow that nutter into the dark!”
The Doctor: “No, I want you to follow THIS nutter into the dark.” (points at self) Doctor Who

Bec Heim