Wolverine Podcast Renewed For A Second Season

Credit: Marvel

Marvel is spreading out into podcasting, much to our podcast loving hearts’ excitement. With Wolverine: The Long Night finishing its run on podcast platforms outside of Stitcher, the company has announced another project.

It’s also a Wolverine one. So if you wanted to hear more of Richard Armitage as Logan, then you’re in luck.

The show, which is touted as a second season, follows Logan as he travels to New Orleans after learning that a number of humans and mutants have gone missing there. He’ll run in to fan favorite character Gambit (also known as Remy LeBeau) and the villainous Mastermind.

Bill Heck (The Ballad of Buster Scruggs) will play the charming cajun thief LeBeau. (Good news for us as that Gambit movie keeps getting pushed back.) Additional cast members include Bill Irwin and Blair Brown.

The creative team will also remain the same. Benjamin Percy will pen the season with Brendan Baker directing and Chloe Prasions on sound design.

Stitcher, which exclusively debut these series, released a statement on Monday about the project.

“Fans reacted so powerfully and positively to season one that we really had no choice — we had to keep the story and the characters alive (well, most of them) for another season. Fortunately, the outstanding creative team that made season one so memorable signed on right away! And I couldn’t hope for a better cast of great voices, including Richard Armitage as Logan. Together, they’re making a story Marvel fans will listen to over and over, I know.”

The series will premiere on Stitcher in the winter of 2019 before being released on other platforms later in the year.

Bec Heim