This Week’s Episode Of Arrow Questions Whether “Due Process” Can Achieve Results

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This week’s episode of Arrow almost feels a bit like a mini-finale as some things (seemingly) come to a close while others start taking shape. In “Due Process” Ricardo Diaz is brought to justice, while our heroes (and villains) are pushing their boundaries.

Still stuck in prison Oliver is visited by Laurel who tells him she is working with his wife to push for his release after the mistreatment he has experienced at Slabside, but he claims he doesn’t trust her and is not interested in her help. Her motion is denied, but the judge agrees to look into the prisoner abuse at the penitentiary.

When Oliver witnesses Stanley taking the blame for the death of an officer and being placed in solitary confinement he decides to investigate. He immediately suspects Brick and his goons who deny everything.

Oliver finds the murder weapon in one of the bathrooms, and after handing it to authorities Ben Turner is found guilty. Stanley is released from solitary and thanks Oliver, but when he proclaims his happiness over Turner’s prints being found on the weapon, Oliver starts to wonder whether they were planted there by Stanley himself. Can Oliver trust his little admirer?

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After taking Anatoli Knyazev hostage, Diaz has proceeded to kill the entire Bratva. No easy feat, even for someone with enhanced powers. Diaz uses the other man to set a trap for Felicity, who is aware was tracking Silencer. He lures her and Laurel, supported by Rene, to an ammunitions base where they come across Diggle and ARGUS, as well as the SCPD. However, instead of Diaz they only find a beaten Anatoli and a plethora of explosives waiting for them.

Back at ARGUS the whole vigilante squad assembles to work out a plan to catch Diaz. The team is quick to dismiss Black Siren, but Felicity promises her she will get the final hit on the most wanted man in Star City.  Following a discussion with Anatoli the vigilantes learn that Diaz is trying to destroy the whole city through the use of large explosives. They send Anatoli to meet with Diaz’s weapon handler, and Felicity takes charge and throughout the mission proves she is willing to risk Anatoli’s life in order to get information. He claims she is not the woman he remembers.

The information they are able to gain takes the vigilantes to a gas plant filled with explosives which would set the whole city on fire. While ARGUS starts evacuating citizen the vigilantes come together to disable the bombs. Diaz and the Longbow Hunters interfere and it is only after the new Green Arrow joins the action that the vigilantes are able to take Diaz down.

Diaz is taken into custody, where he comes face to face with Felicity, who contemplates killing the other man. Before she can pull the trigger Laurel interrupts and tells them that she has made a deal with the FBI – Oliver is allowed to come home if he assists in Diaz’s case.

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In the future, Dinah opens up about Felicity’s death and tells Roy and William that she changed, cut ties with the others, went underground and called herself the Calculator (after her father Noah Kuttler), before she was brutally murdered. William decides to pursue the mission she has left for him, and they follow the map to her former hide-out.

There they come across a few security tests they need to pass before they gain access to Felicity’s files. The documents show a plan to level all of Star City, and William starts to wonder why Felicity would be in possession of these plans. The last person she was in touch with was someone called Blackstar, so this is where their search for answers will start.

In private Roy tells Dinah that he found a message in Oliver’s bow, the Mark of Four, which makes Dinah question whether they can truly trust William.

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This whole season has seen Felicity struggle with Oliver’s absence, but also with letting the darkness inside her consume her. It’s incredibly interesting to see how the most innocent character on Arrow (she has not taken a life … yet) is being pushed to her absolute limits. As gratifying as it would have been to see Felicity shoot Diaz straight in the head (and I am sure she would have), this is the CW and that would never have made it on the air. Still, it is only a question of time until our favorite blonde snaps. Maybe having Oliver back in her life will help.

Meanwhile, Black Siren is struggling with the opposite. While impersonating Laurel and therefore the DA she is faced with helping others and starts doing so without a selfish motive or reason.  Will Laurel continue on her quest of kindness and selflessness, or will she revert back to her old ways, especially after her collaboration with Felicity has come to a close? It would have been nice to see the two women find a friend in each other that pushes them out of their respective comfort zones …

Oliver is coming home. But what exactly is he coming home to? His son has been sent away, his wife has been left traumatized, his team has been scattered across the city and a new vigilante has appeared. Moreover, Diaz may have been caught, but he still possesses enhanced powers (or does he? It’s not quite clear) – so is this threat really eliminated?

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Favorite Lines

Curtis: I think that the whole point of this is that maybe we could all pick up our phones a little more, huh? Shoot a text? Yeah, I am totally talking about the fact that everyone forgot my birthday last week.
Felicity: Your party is next week, act surprised!

Laurel: The hardest thing to do is to be a hero when no one expects you to be. The easier path is to be a criminal.

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