Things Get Really Weird In “The Book Of Blood: Chapter Two: The Perdi” On Black Lightning

Credit: The CW

Black Lightning’s back!

Whoo boy, it was a wild episode last week. Gambi is (possibly) dead. Though none of us are believing that until we a) get a body, b) get DNA confirmation, or c) a visit from beyond the grave where he says that he is dead. The Pierce family dealt with the grief in their own ways: Jefferson went through three of the five stages of grief, Lynn tried going to acceptance, Anissa slept with Grace, and Jenn went further into herself.

Grace, apparently, is developing some powers or something that needs medication. Jace killed half of the pod kids and Lynn finally punched that evil woman. Anissa had a case of pregnant young woman at the clinic, whose boyfriend died and oozed some strange liquid metal. She tried going to South Freeland to figure out what’s going on, but a creepy sheriff sent her packing immediately. Anisa ain’t no fool.

And Tobias is doing something with the briefcase of mystery.

Let’s see what weirdness is going on in South Freeland, shall we?

Of The Body: Looker talks to a group of men, saying that a part of her is missing. She says that she made them strong, but one of them men says that she made them her salves. They need to follow the element. Gambi, who is alive, is chopping off some dude’s fingers in front of his dogs. He doesn’t know who hired him to kill Gambi. Gambi kills him instead, apologizing to the dogs before leaving. Lynn mourns the children that she lost as she drinks. Jefferson gets the story out of her, holding Lynn as she cries. Tobias’ councilman comes to see the Reverend, but he wants nothing to do with Tobias Whale. He wants the councilman to tell Tobias to “kiss his holy ass”. Tobias is not thrilled with the news. Tobias wants Khalil to kill the Reverend. Khalil realizes that Tobias attacked the rally where he was shot. Lynn has to give the news of what happened to the families of those who were in the pods. It goes about as well as can be expected. The families try to get at her, but she has to be escorted away. Hidden away at his hotel room, Gambi flashes back to his survival from the assassination attempt. He gets an alert that Anissa is using some kind of tracker. She heads to South Freeland where she is surrounded by people with guns. She tells them that she is looking for Anaya.

Of The Blood: Anissa is brought to Anaya’s parents, who are curious about why she’s here. She tells Anaya that Deacon is dead, clearly her father didn’t know that. Anaya then goes into labor. One of the angry parents track Lynn down and tries to get the answers from her. Lynn, scared, drives back home as he screams after her. Khalil goes to see Jenn, telling her that Tobias is why the Reverend was shot and he paralyzed. Now Tobias wants him to kill the Reverend. Jenn promises that they’ll figure it out, not wanting him to make more bad decisions. Anissa delivers Anaya’s baby. She then starts screaming again, still having contractions. It turns out that Anya is having twins. The other twin is breech, which is not good. Jefferson goes looking for Anissa when he sees the same alert. Jenn comes down to see Lynn drinking. Jenn tells Lynn that it wasn’t her fault that the kids died, but they were her responsibility. Lynn takes it poorly. Anissa delivers the other twin, who turns out to be white. No one is really happy about the second baby. It turns out Anaya’s ex killed Deacon. He also started a war now, apparently. The white baby looks at its twin with its eyes turning silver.

Of The Spirit: Jenn hears Lynn throwing up. Lynn says she could never let those children die, seeing her own kids. Every single life mattered to her, every single one. The Reverend heads to his car where he’s confronted by Khalil, who tells him to leave Freeland. Khalil starts to choke him, but can’t bring himself to kill him. The Reverend tries to reach him, but Khalil says that it’s too late for him. Anaya tells her about the Sanjay, whites with powers who run guns, and the Perdi, normal African Americans who works as farmers. If you think it sounds like a YA dystopian novel, then you’re right. Looker came to town 30 years ago and infected the Sanjay with the element. Anaya’s father hates the Sanjay and will never forgive her for having children with one. Khalil returns to Tobias and the two of them get into a fight. Tobias has decades on Khalil so it goes about as well as you would expect. Anaya says that Looker will hate the children. Deacon thinks Looker wants the Sanjay and the Perdi to remain separated. Anissa talks with Anaya’s parents, making it clear they can have their issues but they need to get Anaya and the babies somewhere safe. Meanwhile, Looker has found them.

Of The Vine: They try to get the babies and Anaya to freedom, but the Sanjay have arrived. Black Lightning, however, has as well. He’s not super amused by what’s going on. Gambi gets more news about what’s happening using a drone to monitor the situation. The Perdi get into the cars and start driving off with Jefferson, Anissa, and Gambi providing cover. One of the babies and Anaya’s parents are missing when Anissa arrives at the meeting point. Anissa is driving Anaya and one of the babies to Freeland. Jefferson stumbles upon a massacre, but doesn’t see the grandparents or the baby. He sees Looker’s element, which is moving back to its host. They think that Looker is another vaccine kid. Jefferson goes to follow the liquid back to Looker. He tells Anissa she did good work. Khalil calls Jenn, trying to hide in the bushes. She sees his injuries, asking what happened. He swears that he’s not Tobias or a killer. He tells her how much he appreciated her and she hugs him. Looker is presented with the black twin, demanding to know how a Sanjay has been lying with a Perdi. Look realizes that there is a white baby. She wants them to find it.

Bec Heim