The Detective Pikachu Trailer Has Arrived And Those Live-Action Pokemon Are Giving Us The Feels

Credit: Warner Brothers

If you’re a 90s/early 00s kid, then you know what a big deal Pokemon was. It still is a big deal with the advent of Pokemon Go and the latest edition of the games.

Man, it’s hard to believe that was two years ago.

When it was announced that Detective Pikachu would give a live-action film adaptation, fans were…skeptical. Then Ryan Reynolds joined voicing Pikachu. We didn’t know what to think.

Today, Detective Pikachu dropped its first trailer. Honestly? It’s pretty funny. Also kind of reminds us of a more family friendly version of Deadpool. So we’ll see how that goes, but right we’re digging the humor. . Reynolds and his fellow co-star Justice Smith (The Get Down) have a pretty great back and forth going on.

Honestly, however, the real stars of the trailer are how gorgeous and lifelike the Pokemon look. I mean, they look like they’re really there! It’s amazing to see how those designs translated into the live-action format.

Plus, let’s be real, I want a stuffed Pikachu exactly that fuzzy to cuddle. Childhood desires on catching them all has risen again.

The film follows Smith’s character, Tim Goodman as he teams up with the titular Pikachu to search for his missing father, a famous detective. For some mysterious reason, Tim is the only one able to hear Detective Pikachu speak.

Check out the trailer below.

Detective Pikachu hits theatres on May 11th, 2019.

Bec Heim