The Children Of Liberty Heed A “Call To Action” On Supergirl

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Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

It looks like things with the Children of Liberty and its leader will continue to ramp up. As James and Lena learned last week, the anti-alien views spouted by Ben Lockwood are no longer considered fringe. While James doesn’t want to isolate the new readership by disavowing them, Lena thinks it’s a bad idea.

Kara has come up with a new series focusing on alien citizens of National City. Alex, despite working well Colonel Haley, quickly disavows the woman when she talks smack about J’onn. J’onn, meanwhile, has become the new private investigator for the alien camp of National City. Nia and Brainy are adorkable and we love them.

(Though we would like to see more pro-alien people not related to the main characters, just saying.)

Let’s see what happens when things turn violent, shall we?

Attack: A couple adorably debate pumpkin vs apple pie when they’re attacked by a group of men in Liberty wearing masks. Manchester Black steps in to help. One of them turns out to the be the officer Fiona was investigating. Kara arrives and helps Manchester out. The two of them talk when they find a manifesto falling from the sky. She asks one of the mob about Agent Liberty, who replies they all are. Lena and Eve are running tests using the Harun-El on tumors, hoping it could be a viable cure. She also has James booked on talk show today. Colonel Hadley tries to assert control over Kara and Alex by saying they will not investigate the manifesto or Kara will patrol. They’re still investigating obviously. Brainy finds out where the drones are. Lockwood is not thrilled that the Children of Liberty were attacking. The manifesto also puts Lockwood on the news. Lena comes to see James before his television appearance with a brand-new suit. She tells him her plan about bringing him the talk show to disavow them. James, however, is going to meet with them. Lena hates the plan and reminds she is, technically, his boss. J’onn goes to see Manchester, who invited him for Thanksgiving. Manchester returns to his work where he’s torturing the alien-hating officer.

Lion’s Den: James tells Kara about Lena’s plan to do the roundtable. She volunteers to go on for James, but he says it takes a lot of prep. Kara says Nia can help, who is asleep again. Nia confesses she has narcolepsy and is looking for a doctor here. Alex and Brainy talk about the manifesto, who lies to Haley when she comes upon them. James meets his Children of Liberty contact, Tom, who was part of the vigilante group. Tom fawns over James and leads him to the van. The tumors have grown on the hearts Lena and Eve are looking over. This time the heart did not burn, making it invincible. Kara and Nia prepare for her television appearance. She invites Nia to Thanksgiving to meet Eliza. Nia wishes her luck before sending her outside. On set, she meets her counterpoint – Ben Lockwood. James and Tom walk together, who says Agent Liberty is above his paygrade. He says that he keeps humans safe. James, however, says he doesn’t like the language that Tom is using. He fights aliens, but bad humans as well. Manchester continues his questioning of the policeman. He decides to call J’onn. The debate between Kara and Lockwood continue, who points out the nastiness behind Thanksgiving. It draws a strong reaction from crowd, much to Kara’s concern.

Awkward Dinner Conversation: The gang gathers together for their Thanksgiving meal. Brainy and Nia have more awkward flirting. Manchester shows up to see J’onn. Eliza offers to get Nia in to see a friend of hers who specialize in sleep disorders. She then awkwardly lies to Eliza. Manchester asks J’onn about his powers and the mind-reading, gently probing to see if he wll be amenable to helping him. J’onn is not. James shows up to a decidedly chilly Lena. The dinner also turns into a debate about humans and aliens. Lena, in a roundabout way, brings up the idea of giving humans powers, but only certain ones. (Anyone else have questions about the metas that exist on this Earth? How did they get their powers again?) Alex says that humans can hold their own with technology. It also turns out that they have trained dogs to scent for aliens. They figure out that the masks have night vision capabilities built in. The Children of Liberty will attack alien houses that they marked at sunset.

Twilight’s Last Gleaming: Alex and Kara head off to get rid of the markers on alien houses. James prepares to go talk to the Children of Liberty. She gets angry when James tries to leave, telling him about fixing things with the DA. James, however, is unsure if he wants that kind of love. The Lockwoods have their own dinner together. On the streets, the Children of Liberty mobilize. Kara tries to get rid of all the markers, but cannot. Brain is accosted by Children of Liberty. He uses his super smarts to pull a Quicksilver on them. He does beat them up with predictive analysis and physics. When another group goes to attack an alien family, they get Manchester who apologizes to Fiona before firing a gun. Another attack turns out to be on a family with an alien pet in it, the human father is beaten. The thing turns into a dragon. Kara leads the dragon on a chase throughout the skies of National City, using her freeze breath to put out the fire. The little girl comes and tells Alex what happened. Kara then tries to calm him down, assuring Spike he kept everyone safe. Spike shrinks back down.

Dawn: Alex and Kara are brought before Colonel Haley again. She does, however, see what the attack has wrought with the more dangerous aliens of National City. Now, the Children of Liberty are a priority. Haley promises that there will be consequences in the future if Alex continues. Alex, however, says she will continue to follow her instincts. Come what may. Lockwood gets a call from the debate show host, who says that her network wants to give him his own show. Alex, J’onn, and Kara talk over leftovers. They figure out Nia was lying to Eliza about the doctors. They all agree that this fight will be a constant sort of push and pull. James meets up with Tom, whose group went missing. Tom does promise that he can get James close with people who know people who know Agent Liberty. He is then taken by the group. Lena and Eve continue working with the Harun-El, saying that they need a human subject. Manchester presents the mask to the officer and then takes out a gun.

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