Supergirl’s Nicole Maines Teases Dreamer’s Costume

Credit: The CW

Supergirl season four is doing a much better job in introducing its new hero Dreamer a.k.a. Nia Nal (Nicole Maines), then it did Guardian (Mehcad Brooks).

At least, in that, it’s allowing Nia’s story to develop down a logical path to herodom rather than speeding it up for the sake of getting there. Looking at you, season two of Supergirl.

One thing that Maines is excited for everyone to see, however, is her Dreamer costume.

To be honest, we can’t wait to see it either.

Talking with reporters to a set visit for Supergirl, Maines gushed about her hero costume.

“I’m so excited. I’m trying to conduct myself on set in a professional manner, and be like ‘I’m not completely obsessed with the super-suit,’ but it’s all I think about. Every morning I wake up, ‘I’m getting a supersuit!’ I’m going to sleep, ‘I’m getting a super-suit!’ I’m really, really excited. It’s gonna be gorgeous! I have the best super-suit. I do.”

Putting it on the for the first time, however, was a little awkward.

“For the first time it was for a fitting, so they have the model and they have your sizes, but when you first put it on in person, they kind of realize, ‘Okay, this needs to go up more, this needs to be hemmed,’ or ‘wow, you can’t get your arm through this.’ So, constricting.”

Well it certainly sounds like it fits now! We can’t wait to see Maines wearing it in action.

Supergirl airs Sundays at 8/7c on the CW.

Bec Heim