Rita Moreno Will Not Be Joining Film Cast Of In The Heights

Credit: Getty Images

Before Hamilton: The Musical was a cultural phenomenon, Lin-Manuel Miranda was celebrating Latin culture in his Broadway production In the Heights. The 2008 Tony-Award Winning musical is now set to be turned into a film, which will be released in 2020.

I. Cannot. Wait.  

Back in October, Miranda began conducting a world-wide casting call, and rumors began to swirl that Rita Moreno might potentially be cast as Abuela Claudia. (It was even reported on Monday by The Hollywood Reporter.)

Unfortunately, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Moreno will not be joining the cast of In the Heights. 

While it is unknown as to why Moreno did not accept the role of Abuela Claudia, it can be assumed that the offer either expired or was rejected. The earlier story from THR was retracted. 

Rest assured, Rita Moreno can still be watched on Netflix’s One Day a Time. (Run, go watch it—Moreno is still an amazing actress, dancer, and singer over seventy years into her career!)

As for In the Heights, the project from Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quiara Alegría Hudes is set for release on June 26th, 2020. Anthony Ramos, who broke onto the scene with Hamilton, is set to star as Usnavi, the main character originated with Miranda.

Based on the book by Hudes and the musical by Miranda, the story occurs over three days, and centralizes on Hispanic-Americans living in Washington Heights in New York City.

Originally, the film was supposed to be produced by The Weinstein Company. The film is now set to be produced by Warner Brothers, after the Harvey Weinstein scandal that broke last year. Hudes contacted The Weinstein Company and requested that they hand over the rights after the scandal became public, uncovering years of sexism and misogyny.

With the film at Warner Brothers, Miranda and Hudes will be joined by director Jon M. Chu from Crazy Rich Asians.

It’s happening though. In the Heights is finally come to the big screen. In 2020. Even if Rita Moreno isn’t in on the action.