Rebel Wilson Is Unwillingly In A RomCom In Isn’t It Romantic Trailer

Credit: Warner Brothers

Feel like the world of romcoms just isn’t for you? Tired of seeing the same old cliches? It looks like Rebel Wilson’s next film may cure your romantic woes.

The trailer for Isn’t It Romantic dropped yesterday, and it’s definitely for the romcom cynic in us all.

Wilson stars as Natalie, a cynical architect who hates romantic comedies. After bumping her head in a robbery attempt, she wakes up to find herself in a cheesy romcom. Now she tries to navigate her new reality while desperately trying to avoid the cheesy cliches.

It’s definitely hard. She finds herself in a triangle with the dashing stranger (Liam Hemsworth) and goofy coworker (Adam DeVine), who is also in love with a yoga ambassador (Priyanka Chopra). It’s like a flipped version of Enchanted, if Patrick Dempsey’s character ended up in the Disney world.

The trailer looks pretty amazing, so check it out.

Isn’t It Romantic will hit theatres on Valentine’s Day 2019.

Bec Heim