Ray Palmer Goes Punk In “Dancing Queen” On This Week’s Legends Of Tomorrow

Credit: The CW

Hey, my fellow Legends fans!

This is your regular Supergirl, The Flash, and Black Lightning recapper, Bec, covering for the lovely Emmy this week. She’ll be back next week, promise. For this episode, you’ll have to put up with me, I’m afraid.

Last week, the Legends went to Salem. Zari tried to rewrite history by saving a single mother during the Witch Trials whose daughter had a fairy godmother. Said fairy godmother was definitely Disney Hell brought to life. Though she was more than happy to go to Hell than help John Constantine reveal whatever entity wants his soul. Meanwhile, Nate helps Ava secure more funding for the Time Bureau from his dad, coming out of the superhero closet in the process with a naked Ray in his arms. It looks like he’ll be sticking around for a while.

Now we’re off to the 1970s London punk rock scene. And we’re meeting Maisie Richardson-Sellers’ new character, Charlie.

Order: Someone who is clearly not the Queen steals her jewels in 1977 London. She takes her stolen ill-gotten gains to a punk show, where she rocks out. This would lead down a path to chaos for the UK in 1977, according to Ava and Nate. Sara agrees to lend Nate to the Time Bureau. Ray presents Zari with her special bracelet that contains the air totem as a thank you for keeping the Nora thing safe. The magical signature comes from a new punk band in this timeline: The Smell. John points out one of them as a leprechaun, much to Mick’s distaste. The punks of the Legends (plus Ray) head to 1977 for the show. John, missing his punk rock days, reminisces. John tries to head backstage, but gets into a pissing contest with Mick. Mick then knocks him out with a bottle, leading to a fight. The Smells escape into the van where Ray is listening to the most unpunk music and drives off with him.

Puke: Ray drops off The Smells to their hideout. He tries to return back to the Waverider, but Sara tells Ray to stay with the band. John tells Ray how to reveal a Leprechaun, but Mick attacks him again. John leaves to explore London 1977 with Zari tailing him. Back at the Time Bureau, Nate is not feeling the desk job and Gary tries to cheer him up. They run into Mona, who is bringing around tacos. In 1977, Ray tries to get in with The Smells and it goes so awkward. He tries the Leprechaun test, but it only serves to piss off band member Declan. In the present, Nate convinces Gary to come and check out a magical disturbance. Ray goes to help The Smells steal one of the Queen’s Corgis. Sara and Mick promise to help out with the stealing of the Corgis. With Mick giving the specific instructions on how to steal one of the dogs. Sara knocks out the guards. Ray takes one of the Corgis and runs back into the van, much to the thrill of the Smells, who thought he couldn’t do it.

Corgi Watch: The news about the Corgi Sparky has hit the airwaves. The Smells also force Ray into getting a tattoo, saying that it’s a statement. The band leader, Charlie, says she is going to make the Queen hand over her jewels, saying she will work her magic. John drinks his way at a Liverpool bar where his Mum works. Zari appears, unknowing that it is his Mum he’s talking to. It leads to an awkward moment. Gary and Nate wonder the far past: talking about their failed relationships with John and Amaya respectively. They have to cut their mission short. Ray meets up with Mick, tells him that Charlie is the magic. He seems a bit sad to send her to Hell. Constantine shares some of his backstory with Zari and tries to kick his dad in the nuts to stop himself from being born. It doesn’t go well and he’s tossed out by his Mom. John tells Zari a little bit more about how he ruins more lives than he helps. We also see flashes of a mystery man. The Smells, meanwhile, have figured out that Ray used to do disco, referencing the time the Legends had to stop Napoleon learning about “Waterloo” by ABBA last season.

Narc: The Smells try to gang up on Ray, but Charlie stops them from going too far with him. It makes Ray like him even more. At work, Ava tells Nate that he and Gary did a good job together. The blip wrapped itself up. Gary presents Nate with a potted plant. Ray and Charlie have a nice chat together. Ray tells Charlie about how much he misses Amaya. She tells Ray about how small-minded people try to make themselves feel big. Charlie tells him that she’s a shapeshifter. She needs to hold tight to what she believes in or she’ll lose herself. Ray doesn’t want to throw her in the slammer for no good reason. He tries to reason with the Legends, but they think he’s being manipulated. The team decides to go after her without Ray’s help. Ray decides to go on the lamb with Charlie, telling her his friends don’t trust him. He changes into his ATOM suit and declares that he’s a punk. He proceeds to fight his own team. Or let Charlie fight his team.

Hush: Mona tells Gary about her idea for sideways time zones before Gary zaps her memory. He tells Nate more of his hacks for the Time Bureau. The plant he gave Nate turns out to be some kind of Audrey II thing. It gets loose in the Time Bureau. It turns out that Charlie knocked out Ray and stole his suit. Ray disassembles his suit, but he tries to convince the team to save Charlie. The team begins the procedure to send Charlie to Hell, but she shapeshifts into each of them in order to stop them from sending her there. When she takes Amaya’s form, they stop, agreeing to take her to the ship. John, however, disables her shapeshifting powers in order to make sure she won’t trick them. Charlie pounds against her magic cage. Ray reveals that he was the one who helped Nora escape. John makes it clear he cannot give Charlie her powers back. At the Time Bureau, Nate and Gary are covered in magic plant guts. Sara comes in to talk with him, but Nate says that he needed to get away in order to get over Amaya. Sara tells him that he should stay at the Time Bureau because she likes to watch him grow without telling him about Charlie. She then whisks Ava off to dinner and cuddles. Mick and Ray watch Charlie while Mick declares that he likes her.

Bec Heim