Oliver Comes Face To Face With “The Demon” In This Week’s Episode Of Arrow

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In this week’s episode of Arrow, Oliver’s prison adventures continue as he meets the titular “The Demon” on Level 2, while Felicity and Laurel work towards localizing Diaz and Curtis steps back into the field for ARGUS.

Continuing treatment under Dr. Parker on Level 2 Oliver seems to become more detached from his old life, taking over the identity of Inmate 4587. The guard are now able to control the patients through the use of an electric wristband. While on Level 2, Oliver realizes that some inmates receive special treatment behind a set of striking blue doors, and they only leave that room in a body bag.

He decides to investigate but is interrupted by a nightly visitor. He finds himself attacked by his former mentor Talia al Ghul, who turns out to be The Demon that Oliver has been after. She survived the explosion on Lian Yu. After running into an enemy in Gotham, it landed her in prison. She promises to reveal information about Diaz, but only if Oliver helps her escape.

Oliver continues his psychiatric therapy but Dr. Parker tells him if he does not stop his violent tendencies he will also experience a more forceful treatment. He and Talia stage a fight which lands them both in the room with the blue doors. Before Dr. Parker can use a numbing serum on them, Oliver and Talia fight back and take the psychiatrist down.

They fight their way through Level 2 to the morgue, where Talia is able to escape. But not before Oliver gives her a flash drive with incriminating evidence on Dr. Parker and asks her to deliver it to Felicity. Oliver continues to stay behind. He is not willing to become a fugitive for life. After Level 2 has been shut down, Oliver returns to Level 1 where Stanley gives him a message from Felicity: She is close to finding Diaz.

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Felicity continues to work side-by-side with Laurel to find Diaz, but their search is cut short when Felicity is forbidden from visiting her husband in prison. She meets Stanley who tells Felicity that Oliver has been sent to Level 2 for attacking the guards. Felicity and Laurel start looking into the prison and find that there is no mention of Level 2 in any records, it is being kept off the books.

Felicity asks Dinah for help and the women look into old SCDP files on Dr. Parker, who they learn has been accused of misconduct by a plethora of former patients. With the files on hand they find out that Dr. Parker has been experimenting on these patients and tried to erase their identities through the use of specifically targeted amnesia. When they receive Talia’s flash drive they have enough evidence to put an end to Dr. Parker’s career.

Felicity and Laurel return to their search for Diaz, and are finally able to put a location on Silencer. They track her to Moscow, where we see Diaz confront Anatoli Knyazev.

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Meanwhile at ARGUS, Curtis and Digg have worked on the data they have previously gathered at the Swiss bank. It leads them to a missing French chemist, who had arranged a deal with a black market arms dealer, Malcolm Byrd. Curtis is sent out into the field to impersonate the chemist and complete the deal with Byrd so that ARGUS can take the man down.

When Byrd asks for a second meeting with who he believes to be the French chemist, Curtis revolts and claims he has left the life in the field behind when Oliver went to prison. He has sacrificed too much to start up the vigilante life again. He ultimately decides to help ARGUS bring the buyer down, and together with Diggs help he is able to trick Byrd.

Before sending Byrd off into custody Curtis acquired a flash drive, containing encrypted material, including the image of a 19th century painting, “Dante he hath seen hell” by Jean-Leon Gerome. Now all they need to find out is what it means.


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It might still be a bit too early to determine the entirety of season seven, but so far Arrow has improved drastically from season six. It’s not a secret that last year’s season of the CW superhero show had been mediocre at best while focusing on the long and dire feud between the original Team Arrow and the new team members and playing this out until certain death. This year we see a rapid change in dynamics, which is so very refreshing, even though Diaz as the bad guy is still a whole lot of meh.

This week’s episode dips further into the relationship between Felicity and Laurel, which is a friendship we cannot wait to see blossom. Someone as sunny and bubbly as Felicity (even on a bad day) can do wonders for a cold-hearted assassin like Black Siren, and it is interesting to see her warm up to the other woman and seek out an emotional connection. The dynamic becomes even more interesting if we throw in Dinah, who has a history with both Laurel and Felicity. Girl Squad Assemble!

Arrow also does a smart thing by exploring the dynamic between Digg and Curtis, which, despite sharing the screen for years now, has never been explored. It is unclear where exactly Curtis’s storyline will go (likely towards him suiting up once again) but we certainly enjoy the moments they share on screen.

In last week’s episode we had seen first moments of Dr. Parker’s influence over Oliver, and it has been really exciting to further delve into that story line. Sadly, this was cut short by resolving the story arc within this week’s episode rather than exploring what Parker’s motivation for the experiments was.

It’s also unclear which role Talia played in the whole prison story arc, as her reveal as the demon was rather underwhelming, especially since she did not actually have any information on Diaz to share. Nonetheless it’s always interesting to see her interact with Oliver, a dynamic that was never explored to its full potential. But more importantly, could the reason she was in prison in the first place, that ‘foe in Gotham’ be related to Ruby Rose’s Batwoman?

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Favorite Lines

Laurel: Well, all this saving your husband crap has made me very hungry, so I’m gonna grab a pizza …. If you want to come or, or if you’re hungry…?

Felicity: Are you asking me out on a friend date?

Laurel: No.

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