New Comic From Aftershock Focuses On King Of The Fairies Oberon

Credit: Aftershock Comics

Aftershock Comics has delved into Shakespeare for inspiration in its latest offering, a supernatural comic entitled Oberon.

Oberon comes from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, where he is the King of the Fairies. While he still retains that title in the new series, it’s not so much love potions in the eyes that he administers but hatching a plan to regain his throne and seek revenge.

It’s really exciting to see classical literature mined for characters. Marvel, of course, mined Norse Mythology to create iconic characters of Thor, Loki and Heimdall. It’s a way to open up people to the works of Shakespeare should they be interested in the source material.

In a recent interview, creator Ryan Parrot told The Hollywood Reporter about the comics premise.

Oberon tells the story of the legendary King of the Fairies who, after being betrayed by his wife, Queen Titania, loses his crown and is banished to Earth. He obviously doesn’t take it well, so he seeks Bonnie Blair, a 10-year-old “promise child” who is destined to one day save the universe from some ancient evil and, instead of protecting her like any good fairy might. Oberon proceeds to lie and manipulate her into using her gifts to help reclaim his throne and get some good old-fashion revenge.”

Credit: Milos Slavkovic/AfterShock Comics

One of the the characters from the play includes Puck known as Robin Goodfellow and others.

Of inclusion of other Shakespearean characters, Parrot said “I always loved the idea that The Tempest’s Prospero, Macbeth’s Three Witches and the fairies of Midsummer were all part of the same shared magical universe. Many of Shakespeare’s most famous characters make appearances in one way or another — even the rowdy teens”.

The artwork, which is rich and colourful was created by award winning Serbian artist Milos Slavkovic, who has worked with comic publishing houses such as Dark Horse.

Oberon is set for release February 6th, 2019.

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