Meet Your Newest Nightmare Rag Doll In “All Doll’d Up” On The Flash

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Welcome back, Flash fans!

Last week, we took a break because the US had its midterm elections. We’re back to brass tacks now. Here’s a refresher if you forgot what happened previously.

Cisco faked Vibe’s death. Caitlin’s quest to find her father and restore Killer Frost continues. Future Iris apparently put a power blocker in Nora, who only found out about it six months ago (for her). It’s why Nora is so cold to present Iris. She got upset when Barry took Iris’ side over hers. Sherloque and Ralph made some strides on Cicada. They identified he has a broken rib, at least.

The team also learned of the invention of meta tech. During the Enlightenment, the dark matter infected technology, which is what (presumably) Cicada has.

Let’s see what happens this week, shall we?

Pause: Nora is avoiding Iris and Barry, not going anywhere near them for the past two weeks. Barry, however, has to go after an art thief. The thief makes a hand off with his fellow motorcycle riding compatriot. Barry is able to catch one of them. Nora, however, joins and grabs the cyclist. It almost led to some civilians getting hurt. At STAR Labs, Nora and Iris get in a fight. Nora says that she’s tired of listening to Iris, who she feels condescends to her in the future and now. Iris walks off, upset and hurt. Barry tells Nora that she needs to get to know who her mother is now. Sherloque works off his debt by trying to figure out where Cicada’s meta tech weapon landed. Caitlin and Ralph has hit a dead end with finding Caitlin’s father. Cisco, whose powers have been fritzy since his hands were cut, offers to help. He sees Thomas Snow in, what they believe is, Professor Stein’s office. A man presents his fiancée with a family heirloom to wear to her wedding tomorrow. Once they leave the room, Rag Doll emerges from his box to steal it. He poses with it before leaving. He does wish the bride well before jumping out of the window.

Investigation: Barry examines the crime scene while Iris interviews the bride and groom to be outside. Iris wants to leave, but Barry thinks this would be good quality time for them. Nora complains about her mom to Cecile, who is not having it. She tells her that everyone in the West house deserves respect. She tries to put Nora to work, even promising stories about things Barry didn’t do in order to get her to move. Sherloque, Cisco, Ralph, and Caitlin arrive at the office. Cisco vibes again to see Thomas working on Killer Frost. Caitlin is worried that he left because of her. Cisco vibes again to see Thomas at Vera chemicals, but the excess vibes are opening his wounds and taxing him. Barry and Iris work together with him telling her how happy he is to see her reporting again. A hair that Barry found at a crime scene is revealed to be human but with no DNA. An architect talks to “Vik” in Gotham when Rag Doll appears. A bomb threat is called in. Barry saves the architect before the building collapses, not before watching the Rag Doll go through a vent.

Frozen: Barry and Iris talk about the new meta, describing him as a “stretching clown meta”. Barry is able to clean up the fingerprints to get a match. Rag Doll is Peter Merkel, son of billionaire Teresa Merkel. Barry suggests going to a gala, getting dressed up with meta cuffs for him and a taser for Iris. Ralph, Sherloque, Caitlin, and Cisco arrive at Vera Chemicals to look around. Ralph thinks they need to talk to Caitlin’s mom. He and Sherlqoue fight on the best course of action. Cisco tries to vibe but collapse with a bloody nose. Barry and Iris arrive at the gala to talk with Teresa about Peter. She hasn’t seen Peter since he got arrested, but Iris is worried that she is going to become Teresa when she’s older. Barry asks Iris for a dance. Iris goes outside to get some air and Barry follows her. Iris feels so guilty over what the future her did to Nora, feeling trap within her “destiny”. On the roof, Rag Doll waits and watches.

Remnants: Caitlin has scanned Cisco’s hands, which still have particulates from Cicada’s weapon. It turns out that using his powers causes him deep pain. Every time he vibes, he’ll get worse. Cisco doesn’t know what to do without his powers and now feels like he lacks value. Caitlin shares how she understands with her own feelings over losing Killer Frost. She reminds him that he has value to the team and to her as her friend. Barry goes to see Iris, who confesses she doesn’t know what to do with Nora. Iris worries that she will be like her own parents. Barry reminds her that she can make a different decision. The future is not set in stone. She needs to reconnect with who she is now and not who she might become. Iris sees something and sends Barry home. Cecile shares some stories with Nora about her “dad”, which were really about Iris. She tells Nora that she needs to know who Iris is today. At his apartment, Barry gets a call from Iris. She figured out that Rag Doll is taking the thing that can deliver the most painful blow possible to the victim. Rag Doll knocks Barry out and tells Iris to come and get him.

Kidnapped: Iris and the rest of Team Flash try to figure out how to save Barry. It’s up to Iris and Ralph who Spider-Man swing their way over. Barry wakes up in Merkel’s capture who crawls over to him the creepiest way imaginable. He tries to reason with Rag Doll, who was crushed by a piece of the satellite. He wants to cause Iris the greatest amount of pain. Caitlin finally gets through to Nora. Rag Doll pushes Barry over the side while Iris jumps after to him, freeing him from the cuffs. Nora is mad impressed and Barry is even more heart eyes. Ralph has caught Ralph Doll in the most embarrassing way possible. Best hope that won’t become a meme there, bud. At STAR Labs, Team Flash commends Iris on her badassery. Nora is mad impressed by what her mom did. Iris finds Nora writing in a journal next to the album Cecile gave her. Iris tells her that she’s changing her path that she wants to be part of Nora’s life. She wants them to be happy together. Barry watches them bond with a smile. Sherloque and Ralph figure out that her Dad would be hiding at a black site, where her mom’s company would run government tests. Cisco commandeers DeVoe’s satellites (all four of them). Cisco realizes that they can find Thomas, but Caitlin is reluctant.

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