Marvel Officially Announces A Solo Loki Series For Disney+

Credit: Marvel Studios

A few months ago we reported the rumours of a new Disney Streaming series based on secondary Marvel characters, including Loki and Scarlet Witch. Now comes official confirmation that the world’s hottest villain, Loki, will get his own series. Tom Hiddleston will also reprise his iconic role in a live-action series.

The casting was confirmed by Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger as well as revealing the name of the new streaming service: Disney+. Iger also announced a Star Wars Rogue One series, which will be a prequel and focus on Cassian Andor – an assassin played by Diego Luna in the original film.

The announcement comes on heels that two of Marvel’s series on Netflix Luke Cage and Iron Fist have been cancelled. It remains to be seen if those series will then transfer over to Disney+ for future seasons.

Marvel Studios will produce the new series of shows with Kevin Feige, who has been at the helm of the MCU. Feige is set to take a hands on role in the development and story lines.

While we have no information on where in Loki’s timeline the series will be set, it is certainly going to reignite the debate about whether Loki actually died in Infinity War.  There has been much speculation that the story line could possibly follow Loki’s adventure from when he dropped in to the void from the Bifrost at the end of Thor to when he appeared in the first Avengers film.  This was the time he colluded with Thanos. This series could reveal how that came to be and what he experienced.

The service is set to launch in 2019.

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