Marvel Legend Stan Lee Passes Away At Age 95

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Stan Lee, comic book writer, editor, publisher, former President of Marvel Comics, and the King of the Cameo, passed away today (November 12th, 2018) at the age of 95. He was preceded by his wife, Joan, in 2017 and is survived by his daughter, Joan Celia “J.C.” Lee and younger brother Larry Lieber.

J.C. Lee confirmed her father’s death to Associated Press through her attorney.

Lee, largely beloved the world over, was a tour de force in the comic industry since 1939 when he joined Timely Comics, which was Marvel’s precursor. Over a career of six decades, Lee (original name Lieber) would go on to create such heroic mainstays as the Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, The X-Men, and many more.

He was noted for his naturalistic approach to the characters. Rather than make them all above reproach, Lee would focus on the human elements. His characters would have bad days, have flaws, and show their humanity. With his stable of characters, he would use his stories as a way to explore such things as racism, prejudice, and other such topics.

Lee would also pioneer the “Marvel Method” of comic creation. In it, he would give the artist a summary of what would happen with the characters in the issue. He’d let the artist draw the panels and then would go back and write the dialogue and captions to match. Lee would also engage fans with through his column “Stan’s Soapbox”, allowing for their to be a bridge between fans and creators.

This is the least of his contributions. Lee and other creators of the time are created with turning Marvel into the multimedia tour de force that it is today.

He was also known for his involvement in the media for his comic book creations. He would lend his voice to various animated projects. Later, this would turn into cameo appearances in a variety of Marvel movies in his later years. From the Raimi Spider-Man films to the current films in the MCU, Lee was given the title of “King of the Cameo” by fans.

We here at 4 Your Excitement can only say how grateful we are to Lee for his contributions to the pop culture landscape. Rest In Peace, Mister Lee. All we can truly do is say, “Excelsior.”

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