Manchester Black Continues Down The Path For Revenge In “Rather The Fallen Angel” On Supergirl

Credit: The CW
Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

The questionable life choices of one James Olsen continue on this week’s episode. Last week, he blew off a televised debate show to meet up with the Children of Liberty members. It ends with him asking for more access and shoved into the back of a dark van. I also think he and Lena are over? They certainly looked it.

Lena, meanwhile, continues her experiments on the Harun-El. Experimenting on a piece of mystery rock that even Kryptonians think is a little sketch is bound to end well. She made a heart invulnerable and thinks that it could give people superpowers.

Kara took over James’ interview where she is up against Ben Lockwood. It doesn’t go the best and it ends with Lockwood getting a TV show out of it. (Ugh.) The Children of Liberty attempt to attack alien homes. The damage is minimized thanks to Brainy, Kara, Alex, and Manchester (who just straight up kills them).

Let’s see what happens this week, shall we?

Subject-0331: Kara responds to hostage situation where one of the Children of Liberty is holding hostages in a bid to steal some fission rods. Manchester is there as well. The guy tells Kara and Manchester that it was steal the fission rods or wait for a cargo shipment. Manchester tries to team-up further with Kara, who seems a bit unsure about him. James is introduced to Agent Liberty, who doesn’t want to be interviewed. Instead, he wants James to be Guardian for the Children of Liberty and inspire them. Agent Liberty promises James that he may not be a willing participant yet, but he will be. Agent Liberty leaves James and promises his Children that tomorrow night Supergirl will be dead. Lena prepares to meet the subject, not even allowing Eve to him his name. Instead, he is Subject-0331 to her. Kara arrives at the DEO where Alex shows him the Lockdown with Ben Lockwood, who blames Supergirl for the disappearances. J’onn calls Kara and tells her that Manchester found the cargo shipment. She goes to meet him. Tom comes and gets James, leading him outside. James sees a video for an alien immigration point showing Kara, who welcomes them to Shelly Island.

Closed: Shelly Island was shut down after President Marsdin resigned, which makes it a good place for the Children to gather. The Children of Liberty prepare to kill Tom, but James gives himself up to stop it. Agent Liberty is pleased, thinking he heed the call. Kara meets up with Manchester, who shows her an empty, freezing container. Kara uses her X-Ray vision to find something underneath. She picks it up but Manchester sees someone stumble upon them and goes after him. He beats up the guy, and it feels too extreme to Kara. She thinks it’s a mistake and leaves. Lena returns to Subject-0331, who apologizes for thinking the scientist was a man, and he takes to calling her Doctor K. She chooses him because of a question where he choose not to kill or save a spider. Alex tells Kara that they found the bodies of the Children of Liberty, who weren’t killed by aliens. J’onn stops by and tells Kara not to give up on Manchester quite yet. Kara trusts J’onn, visiting Manchester with some food and a promise to help him find justice. She gets a call from Brainy. The label Kara found has traces of an alien mineral that turns explosive on Earth that could cause a tiny, precise nuke. You know for guys who hate aliens these Children of Liberty sure do love using alien tech.

Bomb: Kara tries to go to help the DEO, but Manchester says she should stay. She agrees to help him work on things here. Lena and Subject-0331 eat some Big Belly Burger, who tells him that they’re attempting to cure everything. It may also give him powers. Subject-0331 freaks out, telling her that his perfect older brother died to save him. He signed up because he doesn’t care if he loves or dies. Subject-0331 wants to drop out, thinking she choose wrong. She stands by her choice, but if he wants to leave then it’s up to him. Tom is majorly regretting his choice to join the Children of Liberty. He doesn’t want James to become the face that the Children of Liberty are dying for. James, however, isn’t going to let Tom die over his reputation. He gives a speech about what reputation means, saying he knows who he is. Kara and Manchester figure out that the Children of Liberty are on Shelly Island. Kara wants to calls in the DEO, but Manchester wants to do this in a quieter way. They arrive on Shelly Island but the sun grenade doesn’t go off. Instead, Kara and Manchester are surrounded. It’s revealed Manchester turned on her for a face to face with Agent Liberty in exchange for her.

Motivator: It’s revealed Manchester was running a long con on Kara all this time. She is then wrapped in chains, trying to escape. Manchester asks for an audience, but is brushed off. Kara is knocked out. Lena calls Subject-0331 by his name, Adam. She tells him that he’s not responsible for his brother, bad luck doesn’t make him a bad person. She blames herself for her birth mother’s death, which happened when she was four. Lena did nothing when her mother drowned, just standing there. She knew something was wrong, but did nothing. Lena always knew deep down inside that she belonged with the Luthors, no matter how hard she fights against their legacy. Lockwood arrives on set of his show, who is working on how to frame Guardian killing Supergirl. The Children of Liberty lead James to the detonator, promising no one is in the monument. Kara wakes up and sees the bomb. She breaks free of her chains, but can’t fly out due to the dampeners. Manchester is led to Agent Liberty, who is a fake because Ben is on set. Kara climbs up to an opening. James goes through the script and Kara sees him as he prepares to blow-up the monument. She screams his name, but it’s too far away. The device is live. Perfect.

Vigilance: Manchester souses out that the guy isn’t the real Agent Liberty. He kills two of the Children and promises a chance of escape to the fake Agent Liberty if he tells him who the real one is. James, meanwhile, sees Kara trying to use her heat vision. He then turns on the Children and Manchester destroys the power dampeners. It’s just in time to get the bomb out. Lockwood, watching on a feed, closes the laptop. Lena decides not to move forward with Adam, not wanting to take the risk. Adam, however, thinks that the risk is worth taking and will give life meaning. He tells Lena that he believes in her goodness. She proceeds with the injection. J’onn tracks down Manchester, trying to talk him down. Manchester is not having it, feeling an emptiness in him. He shows J’onn all he has already did with an empathy amplifier. Manchester tells J’onn he shouldn’t have believed in him. Lena finishes her recording, Adam died in the process. Kara goes to see James at Catco, who is writing up about the Children of Liberty and his time with them. James seems to have realized what a colossal idiot he was and understands Lena’s position a bit more. He goes to see her. When he asks about her day, she says tomorrow. Brainy joins Alex and Kara. J’onn comes to see her and breaks down, telling her that Manchester killed them all. Kara hugs her.  Manchester arrives at Lockwood Family Steel.

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