Lin-Manuel Miranda Releases New Hamildrop “Cheering For Me Now”

Credit: Broadway

Cheers are in order for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s new Hamildrop. The most recent song to be released, “Cheering for Me Now” is a poignant celebration of diversity—and New York City.

Teaming up with Chicago and Cabaret composer John Kander, Miranda’s newest Hamildrop, like many of the original Hamilton soundtrack songs, is witty, timely, and intentional.

In December 2017, Miranda announced the Hamildrop series as a celebration and continuation of The Hamilton Mixtape, which had been released in December 2016.

Last December, the first track of this anniversary series was entitled “Ben Franklin’s Song.” Miranda and The Decemberists collaborated on this clever tune about the “Poor Richard Almanac” creator.

Since then, we have seen Hamildrop collaborations and mixes from artists like Ben Platt, Sara Bareilles, and “Weird Al” Yankovic.

So, needless to say, 2018 has been the year of the Hamildrop and this December will be the end of this Hamilton compilation.

If you’re a fan of Miranda in Hamilton garb, check out the music video of “Cheering for Me Now.” Miranda will also be donning on his Hamilton garb during a three-week performance of Hamilton in Puerto Rico. During his reprisal, Miranda has arranged for all profits to be donated to the Flamboyan Arts Fund.

Miranda and his family founded the program to strengthen arts education in Puerto Rico—especially after Hurricane Maria’s devastation.

Don’t forget to check out “Cheering for Me Now” and relish the next to last month of the Hamildrop series!