Lin-Manuel Miranda And Emily Blunt Talk Mary Poppins Returns

Credit: Disney

Admittedly, I was never really a Mary Poppins fan, but I have always adored Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke. I was raised in the musical theater and performance world, so I was no stranger to the movie’s musical numbers. Likewise, Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke were also household names that were tossed around quite frequently during my childhood.

With Mary Poppins Returns, I am wholeheartedly invested in the upcoming film. Mainly because of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt.

Yet, amidst the excitement of this upcoming film, Miranda and Blunt both recognize that they have a lot to live up to with Mary Poppins Returns. How can you ever top Julie Andrews or Dick Van Dyke’s performance?

In an interview with EW, Blunt discussed the interrogations she has faced about living up to Julie Andrews’s performance in the original film. Blunt said that even though she hasn’t directly spoken with Andrews, director Rob Marshall (Chicago) does know her quite and said that Andrews gave her blessing for Blunt to reprise the role of Mary Poppins.

And, although Andrews has not returned for the film, Dick Van Dyke has.

Both Miranda and Blunt recognized the immense privilege of working with Dick Van Dyke. After Dyke filmed his scene, Blunt told EW, “That was the day that Rob cried, hard. I knew that Rob was struggling to hold it together because Dick finished his speech and there was a huge pause and no one was saying “cut.” That was when we all realized that this really was the next chapter and what an honor it was to carry this on.”

Mary Poppins Returns is set to premiere in theaters on December 19th. Blunt and Miranda have been excitedly, yet conscientiously working to create a sequel that does the original justice.