Legends Of Tomorrow Writers Direct Fans To Campaign DC For Beebo Merchandise

Credit: The CW

We la-la-love him!

Ever since Beebo was introduced on Legends Of Tomorrow season three, he has a remained a fan favorite. We’ve seen him make appearances on Arrow and Supergirl. What can we see about the little blue furry dude He’s awesome.

Unfortunately, however, there is no official merchandise for the character.

If fans want it, then they’re going to have campaign DC to make it.

Legends of Tomorrow writers’ room Twitter even told fans directly.

“Dear Legends fans — We hear you. We want Beebos too. Our advice? Let @DCComics know! Maybe if enough people show their Beebo love, we can pull off a Beebo Day Miracle!”

The fact that Beebo became so popular is just amusing to the cast of the series.

Caity Lotz recalled to Comicbook.com,  “I remember shooting that with all these Vikings and we’re in this like amazing period gear and everything is very like… and then you just see Nate and Amaya having this blue fuzzy doll like sneaking in the background.”

Legends Of Tomorrow airs Mondays at 9/8c on the CW.

Bec Heim