Legends Of Tomorrow Recap: The Team Goes Camping In The 90s And Finds Hell Instead In “Wet Hot American Bummer”

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It’s time to go camping with the Legends this week. Well, sort of anyway.

You see, the team heads back to the 90s to help out the children of a very particular camp, whose situation with magic actually inspired a horror film series. In order to sort out this week’s magical fugitive, the Legends have to channel their inner camp counselor and tap into their pre-teen selves to conquer this energy sucking demon from hell.

Gather ’round and let us discuss this week’s episode, the aptly and wonderfully titled, “Wet Hot American Bummer.”

This Is Not How The Movie Goes: While enjoying some much-needed quality time with Ava, Sara notices that the horror movie franchise she and Ava are watching seems out of place (I mean, it is called Swamp Thaaaang). Gideon confirms that there is indeed something magical changing a summer camp’s history in 1995. With that revelation and with Sara asking her to come along, Ava briefly joins the team to help with the investigation into kids disappearing, since Nate and Gary are rather busy dealing with their own craziness. The Legends end up splitting up with Ray, John, Sarah, and Ava actually attending the camp while Mick and Zari stay on the Waverider to keep an eye on Charlie.

Leaders Of The Pack: The team upon arriving poses as camp counselors while they track down a swamp creature that has been kidnapping the kids. The team’s plan: having John set up a magical perimeter that blocks monsters, then search for the monster themselves and handle the situation. Unfortunately for them, two kids sneak out of their cabins late at night to meet in the woods for a kiss and end up being attacked. Before they know it, that number grows to four MIA kids. Time for Plan B, eh?

Kids Games: The team’s second plan also doesn’t go as smooth. Sara tries to bond with the girls to learn their secrets, but Ava prefers interrogating them and preventing them from making the ice cream social. As for the fellas, Ray tries to have his boys meditate, but John considers hypnosis much more productive. By the end of their efforts, the team realizes only the girls know anything, and they aren’t given up much. In fact, they end up pranking Ava by making up some story about a lake beast (RUDE).

Channeling Their Inner Child: Armed with now a third plan, the team decides that they’ll split up, with Ray and John venturing into the woods to track the monster, and Sara and Ava staying behind to find out what they can from the girls by becoming 12-year-old girls themselves thanks to a potion from Constantine. Ava, at first, isn’t too thrilled with the idea, as she points out to Sara that she doesn’t have any experience being a child. She eventually agrees to take the potion so she and Sara can lure the creature out.

Frenemies To The Rescue: Ray and John, meanwhile, have found evidence of the fugitive: a pile of skin lay in the woods (GROSS). John comes to the conclusion that the beast they’re looking for is a type of vampire called a “striga.” He happens to be right as Charlie, who is on the Waverider, confirms it while cutting a deal with the team to help them while helping herself. The team is able to locate the monster and its victims. John uses a dangerous spell to heal a child, and he is revived, though John is injured. Ray and John are subsequently rescued by the campers. Charlie agrees to help the Legends, officially joining the team, on the condition that they do not lock her up again. Unfortunately, Gideon cannot save Constantine, but Ray claims to know someone who might be able to, Nora Darhk, who is revealed to be working at a Renaissance Fair.

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