Legends Of Tomorrow Recap: The Roaring 20s Leads The Legends On A Major Hunt In “Tender Is The Nate”

When comes to family, love, and friendships in the workplace, the lines can get a little blurred for the worst. Especially when it’s a family member who is providing the funding for your work and is now wanting to know what is going on with budget. Also complicating matters, that same family member nearly busts the boss fraternizing with her girlfriend, who is also one of her co-workers and partially responsible for the team on the high end of the costs.

That very situation is what the team found themselves in during this week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow.  The team of misfits had to find some way to impress Nate’s father Hank with their work as dear old dad wasn’t exactly pleased with the Legends so far. Making things slightly worse also during the episode was Mona’s major fail with Nora as she gets herself trapped in Ms. Darhk’s cell along with Ava.

Were the Legends able to make the impression they needed with Hank this week? Gather ’round and let us discuss “Tender is the Nate.”

Girl, Interrupted: The episode kicks off with Sara seducing Ava on her birthday just as Hank bursts into Ava’s office. Luckily, Sara, thanks to her mad skills, avoids being seen by him and gets to overhear him question Ava over the Legends’ insane expenses. Sara promises to get the team under control with their costs but hardly gets the time to have a team meeting because another fugitive has been found in 1927 Paris.

Take Your Father To Work Day: The Legends then find themselves heading to the roaring 20s with Hank and Nate tagging along because Nate suggests a ride-along to show his father just how efficiently the Legends are as a team and to explain their expenses. The ride-along ends up being more than Nate bargained for as he finally meets Charlie and getting punched in the face for thinking she was Amaya and embracing her out of nowhere.

Don’t Ever Meet Your Heroes: Once in Paris, Sara has Charlie pretend to be Amaya during the mission, which leads them to a cafe, where Hanks ends up spotting one of his heroes, Ernest Hemingway.  Hank ends up inviting Hemingway along on their hunt for the fugitive who turns out to be a minotaur wandering the catacombs. Hank gets hurt during the fight with the fugitive and is taken back to the Wave Rider while Hemingway, who is the very definition of toxic masculinity (at least at that age), protests the end of the hunt and Sara’s interference.

Sing Me A Song: Back in the Waverider, Nate does his research and points out that the best way to get the minotaur is to tame it with a song to put it sleep. Hank scoffs at the idea but Sara backs Nate up in the plan. Hemingway, meanwhile, currently is covered in the scent of the minotaur, which leads the fugitive back to the cafe for another showdown with the Legends. Nate starts playing his song, which works until Hemingway tries to hunt the beast down again, leading the minoatur to break Nate’s lute. Hank then jumps in to save the day by playing the guitar and singing a James Taylor song to the minotaur.

An Unlikely Trio: Elsewhere during the episode, Mona tries to impress Ava by being friendly with the captives, especially with Nora, which makes Ava mad but pleases Ray as he tries to check in with Nora and gives Mona a letter to deliver to her. Unfortunately, Mona and Ava get Nora fired up, which causes Nora to blast magic and locked the 2 of them in the cell with her. The three ladies end up bonding over missed opportunities and love and end up having a good time while drinking and eating cake. Mona then gets to deliver Ray’s letter to Nora, which isn’t the ultimate surprise as Ray also ends up in the cell, who shrunk down and got stuck inside the envelope. Ray helps the ladies out and all ends well there.

Pizza For Everyone: The episode ends on a high note with the team having a pizza party and with Nate telling Charlie that she’ll find her place on the team eventually before he leaves.

Check out the promo for next week’s episode below!


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