Legends Of Tomorrow Recap: An Imagination Gone Wild Takes The Team To The 50s In “Tagumo Attacks!”

We’re off to the 50s for this week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow. The team finds themselves hunting down a giant sea monster who they think is their newest fugitive but is it really?

On top of dealing with another fugitive from hell, the Legends are down a member as Constantine is still out of commission as he struggles to stay alive. Will be the team be able to save him?

Gather ’round and let us discuss this week episode “Tagumo Attacks!!!”

Down But Not Out Quite Yet: With Constantine still injured, Sara, after listening to Ray, has Gideon look for Nora Darhk in 2018, with Gideon quickly finding a match. As it turns out, Nora didn’t go quite far with her time traveling. Sara then decides to send Ray on his own mission to get Nora after being notified by Gideon that another fugitive has appeared.

Science Fiction Gone Awry: The other Legends meanwhile investigate a fugitive in 1950’s Tokyo, discovered to be a giant Octopus creature that has appeared on a film set. Unfortunately, the fugitive is not the creature as they thought. The fugitive turns out to be something else as they soon discover. The creature, named Tagumo was brought to life by a magical book, which used the imagination of the filmmaker, Godzilla creator Ishiro Honda. Honda had turned to deal with his sadness about witnessing Hiroshima. The book, in turn, fed off his emotions, making sure that the creature will not cease to exist until the story outlined by Honda is complete.

A Literary Hero Arises: Sara and Charlie manage to partially shrink it, but the Tagumo still attacks the set. Zari then suggests that Mick help them with the creature as the book needs an artist in order to work. Mick is reluctant to help out at first as he thinks he’s not a good writer but Zari convinces him that he is as she has read some of his work and loves it. Mick then uses the book and his own imagination to bring his novel’s heroine named Karima that battles the Tagumo, eventually defeating it. Karima then proceeds to hook up with Mick in celebration of defeating the Tagumo while the Legends confiscate the book.

Turning Over A New Leaf: With the other Legends are sorting out the Tagumo, Ray goes to find her at a Renaissance Fair, to ask for her help in saving Constantine. Nora hesitates to help because she is afraid that the dark magic will consume her again but Ray comes up with a solution to work around using dark magic. Nora agrees and is able to use her magic to heal him. Ray tells her to run and not to tell them where she went, but Nora uses the time stone to travel to the Time Bureau, wishing to repent for her actions.

Thanksgiving Woes: In this week’s B story, Ava joins the Heywood family for Thanksgiving after getting an invite from Hank. Things get out of hand when Gary calls them to tell them that the fugitives have run amok at the Bureau. Nate ditches Ava and asks her to stall his family but Hank eventually figures it out and asks to be taken to the Bureau.The fugitives almost escape the Bureau, but Nate and Gary manage to find a way to contain them with food.  Hank claims the fugitives are controllable and tells someone to go ahead with Operation Hades.

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