Kara And Friends Deal With Powers Outside Of Their Control In “Parasite Lost” On Supergirl

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Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

Last week, Kara was stuck in her Power Rangers/Iron Man suit. Alex was feeling the pressure in her job as Director of the DEO. J’onn had trouble dealing with his vow for nonviolence. He made a new friend in his friend Fiona’s fiancé, Manchester Black, who has vowed revenge in the wake of Fiona’s death. Otis, Mercy, and Liberty were using the parasite in order to enhance Fiona’s telekinesis and control other aliens to sow fear amongst National City. Brainy and Lena cleared the atmosphere of Kryptonite. James donned his Guardian costume and was subsequently adopted as a hero for the Earth first movement.

Now, President Baker has sent Colonel Haley to oversee the operations of the DEO.

Because military oversight has worked so well in the past for this agency.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Gardens: Kara shows off a new rooftop garden that she put together overnight. James is worried about hate groups adopting Guardian as their own. Lena goes down the roof that all press is good press. Brainy is absolutely smashed because he thought mojitos was vegetable juice. Alex admits she’s nervous about Colonel Haley starting tomorrow. Nia shows up to the brunch where she is introduced to everyone. Kara happily says that she is doing a profile on an alien spiritual leader for work and asks Nia to come along. Brainy recovers for the booze and not-flirts but flirts with Nia. Jensen has become on with the parasite with Liberty saying he is a valuable asset in the “war to save humanity”. Alex goes to meet with the Colonel, who commends her for reorganization of the Strike Team. Kara and Nia go to their interview with Amadei, who heals a little boy in a wheelchair. He wants to lead as an example for others and be seen by them. He cannot heal humans, but he wants to. James watches Lockwood talk about the website. James is being rewarded to the mayor. They get a lock on Jensen, who is targeting an alien street performer. He proceeds to absorb Kara’s power, who tells her sister that he’s been infected by Parasite.

Absorption: Kara is too weak to fight Jensen, but he absorbs the shapeshifter’s powers by Parasite. Jensen escapes. Hadley and Alex talk strategy with them agreeing that Kara cannot fight Parasite. Kara is frustrated by Alex’s decision, but agrees with it. Liberty tells Jensen to keep feeding. Kara’s article as Amaday gets good attention, but the trolls appear as well. (Kara, Nia it’s rule one not to read the comments, girls.) J’onn continues to run Fiona’s alien support group. He is approached by one of Amadei’s acolytes, after the session ends, who is missing his amulet. It’s slowly killing Amadei. The police are out of the question. J’onn attempts to read his mind where he sees a young woman. They use Brainy to run a facial recognition search as the woman J’onn shapeshifts into. They go to her home while J’onn searches for the amulet. It turns out that the woman, Elizabeth, is Amadei’s illegitimate daughter. They tell her that he was thinking of her, even though he was a deadbeat father to her. Liberty tries to care for Jensen, saying that someone from Children of Liberty has figured out a way for Jensen to retain his powers. Haley tells Alex that she is able to get uranium instead of plutonium, but it is a risk. Alex suggests creating a forcefield dome to contain any blast. She and Haley work well together to Brainy’s observation. Lockwood approaches James and Lena at the charity event.

Vigil: James and Lockwood talk at the function, who wants to talk about “human hope”. He tells James that the people like him aren’t crazy but scared. James, however, is not buying it and tells him that he refuses to lay it at his feet. J’onn and Kara continue to work on the case while Alex brings by pizza and no news on Jensen. Kara kicks herself for making Amadei look too good, thinking that her optimism is making things worse. They decide to look through Amadei’s past interviews, seeing Elizabeth’s mother with. She kept Amadei from his daughter and hid his letters. (Also, despite having a half-alien daughter, hates aliens. Wow lady, you suck.) She tells them that the Children of Liberty are right, revealing that she stole Amadei’s amulet. They know that Jensen will attack Amadei’s vigil where Elizabeth heads to. Jensen, with Amadei’s amulet, begins his attack.

Preparedness: Alex, Haley, and the DEO prepare to make their attack against Jensen, activating the dome to contain him. James and Lena talk to a centrist commentator, who reveals that he’s on Lockwood’s side. Jensen tries to break free from the dome. When attack reaches the luncheon, Lockwood presses James into action. Alex hits Jensen with a weapon, but the amulet protects him. Hadley presses Alex into upping the power of her canon. James shows on scene in full Guardian mode in order to help. The matrix is close to collapsing. Alex tells Kara to get the civilians out of the dome while she handles Jensen. Jensen focuses his attack on Kara. Alex reasons with Jensen with Haley telling Alex to shoot Jensen, who tells Alex that “he” is still out there. Before revealing who Liberty is, Jensen removes the amulet and dies. J’onn restores Amadei’s amulet. He apologizes for hurting his daughter, who tells him that it’s okay. He thanks J’onn and Kara for bringing her daughter back to him. Haley tells Alex that she expects her to follow orders, but reveals that she recommended his firing. Haley says that the organization is strictly by the book and Alex reports to her. She even makes Alex salute her as her ranking officer. Haley plans on turning the DEO back into Henshaw’s vision. A bartender tells J’onn that another alien woman wants to hire him. James and Lena talk about the media summit. Neither realized how deep it went or how ugly it was, but James doesn’t want to disavow them. He thinks that he can get people to listen. (God disavow them and punch Agent Liberty in the face!) Kara tells Nia of her new project “Aliens of National City”, who thinks it’s a great idea. Lockwood has a breakdown over Jensen’s death with James calling him to ask if he had time to talk.

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