J’onn Questions His Decisions In “Ahimsa” On Supergirl

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Last week, we took a deep dive into what turned Ben Lockwood into Agent Liberty. Was it too close to the real world? Probably. Do we sympathize with him? Not really, seeing as how he keeps murdering people. Meanwhile, Kara is stuck in an Iron Man-esque suit because Liberty and the Graves twins poisoned the atmosphere with Kryptonite thanks to Agent Jensen.

In reality, Melissa Benoist was still doing her run for Beautiful on Broadway. They needed a good excuse to have her face be obstructed. Costume’s still cool though!

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Trapped: Kara is still fighting the Kryptonite poisoning while in her suit. Brainy, however, says that she is sick. Alex wants Lena and Brainy to start tackling how to get rid of the Kryptonite. Alex notices that J’onn is angry, who feels guilty over what happened to Kara. He worries that he spent too many years angry to truly change. He says that at the rally he almost did something he’d regret. Alex says that if J’onn wants to help and keep his vow, then he needs to search for them telepathically. At the DEO desert facility, some of Kara’s first foes are released from their cages. They also grab some sort of containment device. Kara wakes up in a panic and Alex tries to calm her down. Mercy Graves kills their inside man to Jensen’s horror. Alex tells Kara that she needs to stay put, if she uses up too much of the suit’s energy, then she’ll be poisoned again. At his apartment, J’onn meets Manchester Black, Fiona’s fiancé. He shares some of the information that he has with Manchester. The two aliens are tied up while Liberty looks over what was in the containment unit: a slug. He says it will be used to restore the planet to its rightful inhabitants. He uses it to take control of their minds.

Deep Breaths: Alex takes a moment to gather herself before talking to the other DEO personnel about the turncoat agents. She also tells them that they need to take a long look if they feel themselves wavering. Manchester finds the cop and begins to drink with him. J’onn talks with his father about his anger, which is all his. He gets a vision of Fiona while Manchester learns that Mercy has something nasty planned tonight. J’onn calls the DEO to let them know of a possible attack on a precinct. The DEO mobilizes and Alex has to pull rank on Kara to get her to stay put. The attack begins with one of the slug-controlled aliens. The DEO arrives, however, taking them down. Kara arrives to help, while Alex, annoyed, says she should have stayed put. Kara proceeds to go all Iron Man and gets her filtration system busted. J’onn and Manchester arrive to help. The conscious copy that they caught said “Ahisma”, which they think was Fiona. They figure that this is all targeted attacks to scare humans. The President reams Alex out and says that Kara cannot leave the DEO. A mystery military woman stops him from saying more. Brainy and Lena have a moment of frustration and shoving emotions in boxes. Brainy thinks that they need the nanites to clean the air. Alex gives Kara a dressing down and shares how this is all on her now. She tells Kara this is her final warning as her commander. Liberty criticizes Mercy’s plans and wants to target their children.

Peace: Brainy tells Alex of the nanite plan, but doesn’t know when it will be successful. Meanwhile, Manchester and J’onn talk about Fiona, who used to work for Manchester’s gang. He feels guilty because he was the one who told Fiona to run. J’onn recognizes the ring from his vision. He needs to use it as a talisman to amplify his abilities. Nia goes to talk with James. She is concerned that he is thinking about taking up the shield again. She tells him that she has a feeling something bad will happen if he does. She tries to remind him that he does good work at Catco. J’onn is able to reach out to Fiona telepathically, but his own guilt is fuzzing out the connection. The parasite they’re using is amplifying her telepathy powers to control other aliens. J’onn goes to see Alex, who shares her own issues at being the Director. She breaks down because this is all on her. J’onn tells her that she needs to trust her instincts. They need to forgive themselves in order to reconcile who they are with who they want to be. Brainy believes they are going to hit the National City Fair. He also thinks that without Kara, they will lose. With her, they can win, but they need to clear the atmosphere first. Alex goes to see Kara, admitting her fear over everything. The Danvers sisters can do anything they put their minds to.

Fair: The attack begins at the National City Fair. James, seemingly, decides to screw the fact that he’ll go to jail and help people. Alex and Kara, meanwhile, have everything handled. One of them attempts to tackle the Ferris Wheel, Kara goes after him even though the air is not safe yet. Jensen realizes that J’onn and Manchester are here and tries to warn everyone. The suit is going into full system failure right as the Graves twins attempt to attack. Jensen removes the slug which restores control to the aliens. Mercy tries to use the sales pitch on Alex. The atmosphere is clear, so Kara is able to stop Otis from trying to kill her. The alien shoots both of the Graves twins in revenge and is happy to get the hell out of there. They are able to find Fiona, who is weak and in pain. She realizes that she is dying and J’onn offers to take away her pain. She begs Manchester not to give himself over to anger and tells him she loves him. Then she dies. Manchester loses it as he cries over her body. He picks up her ring after collecting himself. Brainy takes Alex to the command center, where the agents applaud her. The military woman appears, introducing herself as Colonel Hadley, who is there to provide oversight as long as it takes. Lena reams out James for thinking about going out as Guardian. Guardian, however, is getting the wrong kind of attention from the wrong kind of people. At her apartment, Alex and Kara eat pie and talk about Hadley. They did the right thing, now they need to take the consequences of it. Manchester, wearing his rings, makes his plans to stand with weapons. The Kasina military frees their own version of Supergirl. Jensen begins to panic. The Graves twins are dead. Liberty wants to make Jensen into the new Parasite.

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