Jefferson And Anissa Face Off Against Looker In “The Book Of Blood: Chapter Three: The Sange” On Black Lightning

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Black Lightning’s back!

Last week, Anissa went to South Freeland to look for her pregnant patient Anaya. When she’s brought to Anaya, Anissa learns that South Freeland is super screwed up. Thirty years ago, a woman named Looker came to town and infected all the white folk, The Sange, with her element, which gives them powers. Sure. The African-Americans there, The Perdi, stayed in the woods and tried to live their own lives.

Anaya and her deceased boyfriend Damon broke a pretty big taboo by getting together and Anaya having his kids. When she does one is born black and the other white. Looker isn’t entirely thrilled by this. Anaya and one of the babies are able to escape with Anissa. The other, which was with her parents, was taken. Jefferson stayed behind to track Looker’s Alex Mack goo back to her.

Lynn deals with the fallout of Dr. Jace killing half othe Green Light test subjects, which was the best part of the episode. Khalil and Tobias are getting even further on the outs. Also Gambi is alive and killing those responsible for the assassination attempt on him.

Let’s close this whole Looker saga, shall we? I’m ready to see some racists get their asses kicked.

Elemental: Jefferson tracks Looker’s element throughout the woods. He calls Anissa, who wants him to come back. Jefferson finds three lynched Perdi in the woods. He powers down after telling Anissa to take care of the baby. Jefferson continues on, going into a camouflaged mode. He learns some of the Sange to him to take them out. He’s overused his powers though. The Sange knocked him out. In Jenn’s therapy salon, she and Perenna talk about her parents, Khalil, and her powers. Jenn feels like a reminder of her parents’ failures. Perenna reminds her that her parents love her. Jenn can’t take more of that love. She’s also scared of hurting Khalil and that she will spend the rest of her life like this. She doesn’t feel like herself anymore. Her family doesn’t feel like hers. She can’t do anything about it and she hates it. Gambi listens to frequencies to check over Jefferson. Jefferson, meanwhile, wakes up tied to a chair with Looker over him. He calls Looker a racist when he sees her Confederate flag. Looker pretty much sounds like Fox News and I hate her even more. He tells her that he will enjoy taking her down, but Looker reminds her of his lack of powers.

Motherhood: Lynn comes to drop off Anissa’s suit and to stay with Anaya. Lynn does some aftercare on the baby and checks her over. The vial of Looker’s element falls out of the bag. Looker has Jefferson tied to a bedpost where she’s torturing him for information on the white baby. She’s been electrocuting him over and over again, making his veins light up. She gets a vision from her element, sensing the child. She sends of the Sange out for the child. She has them flip the switch with the demand to leave it on until Jefferson dies. Anissa’s comms come back on and Gambi listens to the feed. One of the Sange declares Jefferson dead, but he started laughing. He thanks them for the charge before beating their asses. Hell yeah! We’re gonna see some racists get beat to hell tonight! Jefferson finds the baby, who coos at him. He punches the remaining Sange and promises the little girl that they’re going to see mommy now.

Fear: Jenn and Khalil meet at the track. When she tries to touch his bruises, Khalil stops her. He asks her about caviar, saying he deserves a guy who can give her that. Khalil ignores a call from Tobias, telling Jenn that Tobias won’t stop until the Reverend or Khalil or both are dead. Jenn gives him life advice from Jefferson Pierce: focusing on the solution. Jenn tells him to make sure Reverend Holt leaves and then Khalil needs to leave. He needs to focus on the Reverend and then they’ll figure out how to get him away from Tobias. She promises that she’s got him. Jefferson walks the crying baby through the woods, promising he will get her to her mother. He finds Gambi’s drone. He calls Anissa, but tells her that the grandparents are missing. She tells him that Looker is heading their way along with the Sange. He takes off with the baby. Khalil goes to see the Reverend again. The Reverend refuses to leave Freeland, saying that it’s in God’s hands. Khalil is tracked down by Tobias, who makes a call when Khalil runs.

Numbers: Khalil runs and hides behind a dumpster, calling Jenn. He tells her that he got away. Jenn wants to go save him. She refuses to leave Khalil alone and goes after him. Anissa sends Anaya and Lynn away to hide with the baby. Anissa gets changed into her Thunder gear. Jefferson arrives at Henderson’s with the baby. He promises to come back. The 100 go to track Khalil (who has a tracker in him), but Jenn uses her powers to knock out the cells and the lights. She leads Khalil out by having him follow her voice. Jenn reveals her powers to him. Looker and the Sange show up where they’re met by Thunder, who knocks them back. Looker gets out her element nails. Looker and Anissa then fight first one on one. Then the Sange join in. Jefferson shows up, evening the fight. Anissa stabs Looker, pinning her to the wall. Her element drains out of her body along with the rest of Sange. Looker, apparently, controlled the Sange with theta waves. Jefferson is bored though. Looker is still alive. They’re going to give her to the ASA, who cares if they experiment on metas. Jefferson doesn’t. To be frank, neither do I.

Reunion: The Perdi bury their dead, which includes Anaya’s mother. The car arrives with Anaya and the babies. She’s scared that she crossed a line that she can never uncross. Anissa promises to watch the babies while Anaya talks with her dad. She cries over the grave of her mother, hugging her father close. Anissa and another woman watch them, holding the twins. Anaya’s father takes both of the babies, holding them as his daughter leans against him. Back at Grace’s apartment, she chills out with Grace and watches black-ish. Grace excuses herself, seeing the strange marks appear on her body, taking a pill to return to normal. At Gambi’s motel room, he’s visited by Jefferson, who tracked him down. Jefferson returns the transmitter he found. He wants to know why Gambi faked his death and didn’t tell him. Gambi thought he was protecting his family. Jefferson reminds him that he is his family and hugs him. Gambi apologizes. Lynn returns home to find Jenn gone and phone going to voicemail. Lynn and Jefferson go to see Perenna, wanting to know where Jenn is. She doesn’t know, but knows Jenn is with Khalil. Perenna cautions them about pushing Jenn away. If Jenn goes down a bad path, then it will be bad for them all. Khalil thanks Jenn for never giving up on him. The two talk about normal is dead for them. They joke about their abilities and kiss. They run away together.

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