Doctor Who Recap: Love Is As Endless As Time In “Demons Of The Punjab”


Doctor Who returns to tug on our heartstrings during this week’s episode. After giving us somewhat of a break from being super emotional while watching the show, we are back to feeling all the things, thanks to one very important trip back to the past.

In the episode, Yaz asks the Doctor to take them to learn more about her grandmother, who lived in Pakistan, only to get caught up in a sectarian and nationalist conflict, brought to a head by the recently announced partition of India.

Gather ‘round and let us discuss “Demons of the Punjab.”

Journey To The Past: After receiving a broken watch from her grandmother Umbreen Khan on her grandmother’s birthday, Yaz finds herself wanting to know more about her grandmother’s past. She then takes the chance to ask the Doctor, who is rather hesitant, to take her to the past. The Doctor ends up agreeing to take them to them to the time when the watch was broken.

Wedding Woes: The group arrives at the Punjab in August 1947. Upon arrival, Yaz is stunned with the revelation from the younger Umbreen, who is apparently set to marry a Hindu man named Prem. Prem turns out to be the watch’s original owner. Yaz is most shocked by the fact he is Hindu because of her family’s Muslim background. To make matters even more puzzling and slightest worse, the Doctor learns the group arrived on August the 14th, the day before the deadly partition of India. Given the gravity of the situation, the Doctor urges her group to take action and rush Umbreen and Prem’s wedding ceremony before the family gets caught in the partitioning. Unfortunately, just when you think things couldn’t anymore complicated, The Doctor ends up seeing the images of two alien figures in brief head pains before she and the others find them with the dead body of the sadhu Bhakti who was to oversee the wedding.

Wedding Crashers: Stunned by their presence, the Doctor then assumes they killed Bhakti and eventually recognizes them as members of the Vajarian, a race of assassins while stealing a relic from their ship. She is not only in seeing the aliens as Prem had seen the “demons” during his service in World War II when his older brother died. The Doctor also learns the Vajarians are the last of their kind with the relic holding what remained of their destroyed homeworld. The Vajarians end up explaining that they have since become witnesses to those who die alone, dropping the bomb that Prem will soon become a causality in the partition they intend to witness.  The Doctor gives them the request to reveal how Bhakti died, which they agree to. The Vajarians reveal to her that the holy man was murdered by Prem’s younger brother Manish, who disapproved the wedding.

Lost Love: The Doctor makes it back in time to attend the wedding ceremony. It is there where Umbreen accepts Prem’s watch after it was accidentally broken as a representation of their moment in time (insert all the tears). The Doctor also confronts Manish for the crime during the reception and he runs off, revealing he called a small group of Hindu nationalists. The Doctor and her friends manage to help Umbreen and her mother escape, while Prem remains behind to reason with Manish and the armed nationalists before they kill him. Armed with a new revelation about her dear grandmother,Yasmin, upon returning to the present, has a lovely conversation with her grandmother, having learned much about her past.

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